Our Highlights: October 2018

This has been such an amazingly huge month for music. We feel so lucky to get to devote our energy and time to a thriving scene full of creative hearts that turn their thoughts and ideas into sound, whether recorded or on stage.


For me, October was Hellions month, and I have zero complaints about that! As well as the Sydney band’s release of their fourth album Rue, the quartet celebrated with launch shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, and it was a beautifully connective experience for everyone present. Albert Lamontagne shot the show for Depth while I cried in the crowd reviewed it. [Rue Launch @ Northcote Social Club]

This month I also had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Hellions’ guitarist and wordsmith Matt Gravolin, and interviewed him at length about Rue and its inspirations. [Interview with Matt Gravolin]


There were some really great albums and EPs that we spent time with in October. I’m still reeling from the intensity of Silent Planet‘s When The End Began. We even had a guest review this month, with The Gloom In The Corner‘s Mikey Arthur diving into the horror movie themed release from Ice Nine KillsThe Silver Scream. Click on album artwork below to view our full track-by-track reviews.





New Music

As always, new music came our way and we did our best to share as much as we could with you! October also had some familiar favourites receive a music video, bringing the song to visual life (and also making our day!). A bit about each is below. Click the artist/title to read more.

Architects – “Royal Beggars” – “Slow, hefty riffs and enraged screams of “Royal Beggars” form the darkness that comes paired with the lightness of floaty vocals over synth melodies.  The track is a study in contrasts, which may be jarring to some listeners, having piano and gentle harmonies as present as heaven-shaking screams of frustration.” – Kel Burch

Whatever, Forever – “Bridges” – “Things go from 0-100 quickly as the harsh vocals of frontman Godwin take the forefront, the opening screams, “As I drove over the bridge into the city, I watched it open up its arms and welcome me”, will echo in your head eternally. Like clockwork, drum and bass join the fray, building a well-balanced yet potent mess of music.” – Andrew Cauchi

Just About Done – “Peacemakers” – “Like previous efforts, the band’s instrumentals are ridiculously infectious. Sweet sounding guitar notes wrap around you like tendrils and do not let go, while punchy drum beats and fills hammer away with no escape. Catchy vocal melodies and impassioned lyrics lull like a siren’s song, the song seems to speak to a dispute between a couple and the failure to remedy conflict.” – Andrew Cauchi

Aburden – “Need You” – “Taking the idea of musical atmosphere and making it their own, Aburden have soothingly told a beautiful yet clearly painful story through every combined aspect of this song. Ambient guitar chimes through the background constantly, peacefully layering their sound with emotion.” – Josh Hockey

Sleep Token – “The Way That You Were” – “Pared back to organ and voice, “The Way That You Were” sonically lays bare as much as it does lyrically, in this yearning quest for emotional nakedness.” – Kel Burch

Greyhaven – “Sweet Machine” – “Alarming and unnerving, “Sweet Machine” begins chaotically, courtesy of thrashed beats, guitar complexity, and vocals that are upfront and honest, yet unsettlingly measured in sharing their story. ” – Kel Burch

Vermont – “Adored” – “Aching vocals join the ensemble, lending to the atmosphere of overwhelming burden that the guitar and bass have laid the foundations for.” – Josh Hockey

The Gloom In The Corner – “Villain” – “Recognising “two sets of teeth”, the understandable fear of going head-first into a bond with someone devious is palpably obvious.” – Kel Burch

And many MORE. Catch all the new music of October HERE.


As well as talking with Matt Gravolin of Hellions, we had the pleasure of interviewing:

Ice Nine Kills‘ vocalist Spencer Charnas about The Silver Scream [Read]

Aburden‘s vocalists Kyle Burrows and Mason Forster about The Last Goodbye [Read]

Hands Like Houses‘ vocalist Trenton Woodley about -Anon. [Read]

Void Of Vision‘s vocalist Jack Bergin about Halloween Hysteria event and new music [Read]

These great chats are tough to sum up, so scope the full interviews right here: http://www.depthmag.com/category/interviews/


October was a really exciting one for gigs! As well as Hellions’ Rue party, we caught Thornhill at their all ages show at Wrangler Studios, and celebrated Trophy Eyes‘ recently released The American Dream album at The Forum. We backed Stuck Out‘s You Won’t Come Home EP at Cherry Bar, and welcomed Clove‘s fresh single “Sober” at Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar.

One ultra cool thing for Depth in October, was applying for Liam Davidson to shoot Crystal Lake at a show in Osaka, Japan, while he was there on a holiday – and being approved!

On all fronts, the result was some really great times and stunning photos, which you can find below, with photography by Albert Lamontagne, Ethan Zahorodnyj, and Liam Davidson:

Saturday Spotlight

October saw us kick off a new feature, in which we draw attention to up-and-coming bands we think you should take notice of. We began with Vatic23/19, and Vermont, which you can learn more about HERE.

Other Features

Also in October, we got friendly with the Unify Gathering 2019 line-up, in the lead up to the music festival in January.

Unify Gathering 2019: Line-Up Crash Course

We had the pleasure of premiering the heavy new single and intensely dark video for UNI/VS – “Hell/Me”.

“Layered vocals, and melodic lightness with strong guitar has the track emotionally morph between distant thoughtfulness and aggressive closeness. This seems to reflect a to-and-fro, in-and-out dynamic of an inner struggle, where attempts to break free are foiled, and objective grips upon reality are blurred.”

Lastly, we shared a bit more about our team, introducing you to Sydney based contributing writer Andrew Cauchi.

What’s Next?

Have you had a look at the Gig Guide lately? November seems like a steady stream of gigs from both international and local artists. Don’t forget you can always get easily to the Gig Guide via http://ozgig.guide/. Bookmark that thing and have it handy for planning your weekends.

As always, thanks for backing Depth! We are so happy you’re here! You can follow what we’re up to here, and tell your (obsessively) music appreciating friends where to find us:

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Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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