Aburden – Need You (New Music)

Melbourne’s Aburden are setting up their tantalising new EP The Last Goodbye to be something special, with today’s drop of “Need You”. As the third song released from the seven track EP, “Need You” showcases the appealing and intriguing variety that will seemingly appear throughout The Last Goodbye. Highlighting the immense ability of Aburden to put multiple spins on their sound, it is the melodically harsh cherry on top, after the emotionally overwhelming and atmospheric “To The Sky”, and the slightly heavier and funkier “One For You”.

Taking the idea of musical atmosphere and making it their own, Aburden have soothingly told a beautiful yet clearly painful story through every combined aspect of this song. Ambient guitar chimes through the background constantly, peacefully layering their sound with emotion. The spoken harsh vocals of Mason Forster flow through the guitar tones alongside the beautifully aching cleans of Kyle Burrows, and paint a picture vividly in your mind of what “Need You” is about.

Overcome with hurt and disappointment, the speaker behind the lyrics dreams of a moment of pure happiness with his one love. Walking hand in hand, nothing else matters besides the then-and-there. Smiles on their faces and happy, a tear slides down his cheek as he sleeps. A harsh reality waits during the day, and through the lyrics and raw vocals we feel the splitting pain he lives with. The love and care he offers is rejected and ignored, and through the haunting chorus we hear the heartbreaking disappointment leaking from his eyes.

An anthemic echoing ending cry of “All I need is you” hammers home the hopeless hopefulness, like a nightmare, this level of pain doesn’t seem to be real. Blind hope is all he can clutch onto to get by.

“Need You” is incredibly powerful, and I personally cannot wait to see it live, as well as hear the rest of the EP when it releases on 12th October via Greyscale Records. Pre-Orders for The Last Goodbye are here: http://smarturl.it/TLGoodbye

Check out “Need You” below via YouTube. We’ve also added it to our Spotify playlist HERE.


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