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Earth Caller Crook EP

Earth Caller – Crook (Review)

I had no idea what to expect coming in to review Earth Caller‘s Crook EP, and I feel like that was the best way I could have come at it. The EP’s…

Falcifer Pain

Falcifer – Pain (Review)

It was the release of their single “Pain” that drew my attention to Falcifer, so you could say I’m pretty ‘late’. Regardless, I’ve come to know the Adelaide four piece through the process…

Introvert Mending Breaking artwork

Introvert – Mending Breaking (Review)

After a lengthy period of quiet, Introvert‘s Mending Breaking era is a welcome one. The six tracks of the newly released EP share snapshots of emotional and mental health challenges, and the uphill…

Dealer Saint artwork

Dealer – Saint (Review)

Dealer‘s Saint has landed. The second EP from the band is a four dimensional capture of life set to a soundtrack featuring Aidan Holmes, Martin Wood, Joe Abikhair, and Maurice Morfaw. The…

Antagonist AD Through Fire

Antagonist A.D – Through Fire (Review)

Instead of sitting on music until they have the makings of a full album, Antagonist A.D have decided to release music in smaller parts. The first, Through Fire, also calls in previously…

Weighbridge Limbic Resonance artwork

Weighbridge – Limbic Resonance (Review)

I don’t usually give anything away about a review in the first paragraph, let alone the first sentence, but Weighbridge‘s Limbic Resonance EP rules. To backtrack a touch, Weighbridge are relatively new, arriving…


Vatic – Inhibition (Review)

Finally following on from their singles released so far, Vatic released their debut EP Inhibition last week. The five tracks include the previously released single “Elegy” (which features Thornhill‘s vocalist Jacob Charlton) and…

Heartline Essence artwork

Heartline – Essence (Review)

Forming in February this year, Heartline have quickly begun to carve a path for themselves in the heavy music scene. The band have already played shows alongside Windwaker, The Brave, and Wither, introducing their…

The Contortionist Our Bones

The Contortionist – Our Bones (Review)

The gentle gaze of encouraging track “Early Grave” was my enticement to review The Contortionist‘s Our Bones EP. There’s something spellbinding about the Indianapolis based band, which features Michael Lessard (vocals), Robby…