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Heartline Essence artwork

Heartline – Essence (Review)

Forming in February this year, Heartline have quickly begun to carve a path for themselves in the heavy music scene. The band have already played shows alongside Windwaker, The Brave, and Wither, introducing their…

The Contortionist Our Bones

The Contortionist – Our Bones (Review)

The gentle gaze of encouraging track “Early Grave” was my enticement to review The Contortionist‘s Our Bones EP. There’s something spellbinding about the Indianapolis based band, which features Michael Lessard (vocals), Robby…

ATLVS Memoir

ATLVS – Memoir (Review)

After sharing a string of singles and jumping on some stellar show line-ups, ATLVS appeased their fans by releasing their debut EP, Memoir last month. I was keen to see what the…


Drown This City – Alpha // Survivor (Review)

Drown This City‘s announcement of signing with UNFD came along with the news of the band releasing Alpha // Survivor EP. From the artwork and first single “In Your Image” onward, I…

Badlove SIOIS

Bad/Love – SIOIS (Review)

Four-man talent frenzy Bad/Love are back only days out from their latest single release “Nowhere Else Like Home”. The Melbourne emo supergroup are debuting the rest of their hard efforts in the…

Burden Of Purpose Caged Existence

Caged Existence – The Burden Of Purpose (Review)

You could be forgiven for forgetting that not even two years have passed since Melbourne’s Caged Existence released their first single “Demonized” in early 2018. Fast forward a year and a half…


The Gloom In The Corner – Flesh & Bones (Review)

As the long awaited follow on from Homecoming, The Gloom In The Corner have today released Flesh & Bones. For the Melbourne band, story is what their music revolves around, and Flesh…

Cursed Earth The Deathbed Sessions artwork

Cursed Earth – The Deathbed Sessions (Review)

Have you ever wondered what you might get if you crossed one of the metal scene’s most chaotic bands with eight of the heavy scene’s best vocalists? If, like me, that’s not…

Mirrors Cold Sanctuary artwork

Mirrors – Cold Sanctuary (Review)

Gippsland/Melbourne band Mirrors came onto the scene with Fools Paradise EP in 2017. They’ve since maintained a presence in the heavy music scene, of Melbourne in particular. This has seen the band grow a…