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Flip Phone Fantasy Album Cover

Ocean Grove – Flip Phone Fantasy (Review)

I’m going to start a petition to ban bands that are so good it’s hard for reviewers to put into words. Ocean Grove are the first on this list, because damn Flip…

Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan – you’ll be fine (Review)

In case becoming the internet’s number one hot new verified band wasn’t enough, putting out one of the year’s best records sounds just like what Michigan’s Hot Mulligan need on their quest…

Slowly Slowly Race Car Blues

Slowly Slowly – Race Car Blues (Review)

It’s clear to me that Slowly Slowly keep on winning hearts through their music. Their newest album Race Car Blues is continuing to expand the Slowly Slowly intrigue, adding to the affection…

Saviour A Lunar Rose artwork

Saviour – A Lunar Rose (Review)

From its artwork alone, Saviour‘s album A Lunar Rose captures a mood of fantasy and escapism. As a collision of worlds, a solid head sits in an ocean and under a moonlit…

Polaris The Death Of Me artwork

Polaris – The Death Of Me (Review)

When a band makes a great album, does its success feel like a triumphant wave to surf on? Or does it weigh like an anvil of expectation upon their future music? Polaris…

Loathe - I Let It In And It Took Everything - Artwork

Loathe – I Let It In And It Took Everything (Review)

Up front, I’ve never really felt like I ‘got’ Loathe. I collided with their sound, so to speak, when they appeared on a split EP with SharpTone Records label mates Holding Absence…

Thornhill - The Dark Pool

Thornhill – The Dark Pool (Review)

Along with Holding Absence‘s self-titled album that released in January, Thornhill‘s debut album is a release that has inspired a buzz of anticipation for me this year. Arriving like a gift in…

Dream State Primrose Path artwork

Dream State – Primrose Path (Review)

Dream State are a breath of fresh air for heavy music. They’re hectic enough to set off a pit – as seen at Unify 2019 – but there’s far more than just…

Gideon Out Of Control artwork

Gideon – Out Of Control (Review)

Ever since I saw Gideon on their tour of Australia with Polaris, I’ve been curious about what the band had to say via their music. The recent release of the purring and…

Above Below Lotus Chapters

Above, Below – The Lotus Chapters (Review)

Vocalist Jacob Wilkes singes “Bathe in the sun”, cutting through the silence, and Above, Below‘s The Lotus Chapters has officially begun. From first hearing Above, Below’s single “Beyond the Mosaic Garden” (my…