Whatever, Forever – Bridges (New Music)

Sydney punks Whatever, Forever are back in the local limelight with their first taste of new music since the delectable 2017 three-track Decay that saw them begin to garner a strong following in their home town.

Now, a little over a year since the release of that EP, the five-piece have blessed the ears of their fans with the devastatingly powerful “Bridges”, a perfect follow up to their last effort. While not particularly long in length, “Bridges” is unpredictable and deliciously severe, holding true to the formula that the band have chipped away at while taking strides in a more mature and succinct direction.

Whatever, Forever are Michael Godwin (vocals), Chas Levi (guitar/vocals), Nick Adams (guitar/vocals), Jack Rudder (bass) and Matthew Doherty (drums).

From the opening guitar riff that draws unwary listeners, the single is striking, grabbing the attention of all those lucky enough to hear it while never once letting go. Things go from 0-100 quickly as the harsh vocals of frontman Godwin take the forefront, the opening screams, “As I drove over the bridge into the city, I watched it open up its arms and welcome me”, will echo in your head eternally. Like clockwork, drum and bass join the fray, building a well-balanced yet potent mess of music.

Alongside Godwin, the vocal work of Adams and Levi adds an entirely new level of depth to the song, building on the strong foundation to project a surprising amount of sentiment through the chorus. Through strained vocals and emotion-fuelled lyrics, “Bridges” bathes in its own self-deprecation, especially through lines like “There’s nothing noble in dying alone”.

Entirely gripping, fans will be uncertain whether they should be two-stepping, finger pointing or fist pumping, or maybe just all the above. The combination of melody and punchy riffs with commanding drum beats throughout is an inescapable delight. In some sections you can already hear the singalongs, in others it is almost impossible to not break your neck shaking your head alongside the beat.

As gritty as the band have become known for, “Bridges” is more than capable of thrusting Whatever, Forever into immense popularity. Incredibly heavy while maintaining the punk influences that are typical of the Sydney-siders, the single is occasionally anthemic while undeniably irresistible throughout. Avoid at your own risk, this band is going places very soon.

“Bridges” is available for streaming on all good streaming services. You can check it out here: hyperurl.co/bridgeswf


Andrew Cauchi

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