Depth Magazine exists because of the love of alternative and heavy music; including metal, rock, punk and other related genres. We create music reviews, interviews and other content relevant to the scene, and we do it all with heart.

The powerful impact of music is what inspires us at Depth Magazine. We’ve felt it ourselves many times over. We go deep in our written content, allowing ourselves to share as authentically as possible about what musicians have created.

We also have a huge amount of respect for the creative process and just how much goes into creating a piece of music. We value the fact that creativity is an ongoing and ever evolving adventure, and the music reflects exactly and perfectly where an artist is at.

If you go deeply into music, we think you’ll feel at home at Depth Magazine.

Why ‘Depth’?


/dɛpθ/ n.

  • the apparent existence of three dimensions in a two dimensional representation
  • intensity
  • complexity or profundity of thought
  • a point far below the surface
  • extensive or detailed study

While music is the result of a person playing an instrument or singing a song, there is far more to music than that.

A song can take us to another space or time by simply hearing a few notes of it.
A song can unfold (and heal) parts of us, that we maybe didn’t even know existed within us.
A song can inspire within us new ways of thinking or feeling, such as a desire to create.
A song can especially inspire detailed study, which is what we aim to bring to you.

The word ‘depth’ encapsulates very well our relationship with music and also how we respond to it, so Depth Magazine was a very easy name choice.

The People Behind Depth

We’re a tightknit team of creatives doing this thing that we love; creating our favourite online music magazine. There’s few enough of us that you’d know our faces at gigs, and enough of us to steadily create original content that’s relevant to the scene. We have our specific roles, but it’s a democratic/group process more than a dictatorship, and a team effort all round. Click on our photos to learn more about the core Depth team.

Kel Burch – Editor & Writer, Melbourne

Rowan Donohue – Photographer, Brisbane

Liam Davidson – Photographer, Melbourne

Ivan Souriyavong – Photographer, Sydney

Andrew Cauchi – Writer, Sydney


We’re grateful for our previous contributors putting their heart and soul into their work for Depth, as well as photographers who have put their hands up to help us out when the core Depth guys happen to be unavailable.


Depth is proudly clickbait free and definitely not into using gossip or drama to lure traffic. We put a lot into our articles, so the best way to appreciate that is to go ahead and explore your favourite bands using the search feature, or use the menu to check out our reviews, interviews, new music focus articles, feature articles, and gig reviews and photo galleries. During 2017 we also had Track Of The Day which we chose to no longer continue, allowing us opportunity to focus our energies on more in-depth features.

Depth Publishing

As well as our online content, we operate Depth Publishing; a publisher of physical books that have been written by musicians. We began this journey with the release of Matthew Gravolin’s inimitable prose poetry in Permanent Swim, with more to come in the future. Learn more about that HERE.

If you have a burning question for us, want us to check out your music, or just want to say hello, drop us a note through the Contact page or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. For what it’s worth, we only write about music that gels with Depth by way of genre, feel, and our ethos.

We have never accepted payment to sway opinion pieces such as reviews, and we never will.


Kel & The Depth Magazine Team