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Gearing up to release their brand new three-track EP, Just About Done were kind enough to give us a sneak peek of the third and final track off I Am Getting By. The single, “Peacemakers”, is set to be self-released alongside the rest of the EP on October 19th.

Just About Done are Samantha McGee (vocals), Jack Farnfield (guitar), Michael March (drums), Daniel Sunday (guitar) and Joe Considine (bass).

With instrumentals reminiscent of some of the saddest songs of my emo years to begin the song, it was from the outset that I prepared myself to experience an emotional rollercoaster through this song. “Peacemakers” immediately presents a softer, more vulnerable side to the Melbourne five-piece, one that hasn’t appeared so far on their previous two singles. From the gentle guitar work that gives way to the angelic vocals of frontwoman McGee, this is a song that will break down walls and tear you to shreds.

After a mild build up the song briefly erupts, guitar and vocals joined by strong layers of drumming and bass, channelling the formula that the band have heavily employed in their more recent works. While sounding reminiscent of previous singles “Strain” and “1029”, the alternation between intense moments of hard hitting melody and softer sections of relief is what truly separates “Peacemakers” from others.

Like previous efforts, the band’s instrumentals are ridiculously infectious. Sweet sounding guitar notes wrap around you like tendrils and do not let go, while punchy drum beats and fills hammer away with no escape. Catchy vocal melodies and impassioned lyrics lull like a siren’s song, the song seems to speak to a dispute between a couple and the failure to remedy conflict. The line “Wondering how to break the news”, echoes throughout the song, effectively summing up a period of uncertainty between people who once shared their lives together.

As sweet as it is sad, “Peacemakers” is a strong way to complete the I Am Getting By trilogy. More than ever the Melbourne five-piece have found themselves capable of conveying incredibly strong emotion, while balancing the heavenly vocals of McGee with resolute instrumentals. It is gritty and heavenly all at the same time and the mark of a band that undoubtedly have huge things on the horizon.

I Am Getting By is set for release on October 19th.

“Strain” and “1029” are streaming now via all good streaming services.


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