Citizen Life In Your Glass World

Citizen – Life In Your Glass World (Review)

Spanning across their twelve-year career, fans have come to expect one thing from Toledo, Ohio’s Citizen – and that is the unexpected. The genre-hopping, style-chopping rock band have forever been in the…

Void Of Vision – Hyperdaze (Redux) (Review)

Despite the COVID-monster sweeping in during 2020 and stealing opportunities for bands, the music industry machine has rolled on. UNFD in particular seem to be taking the opportunity to explore existing releases…

Race Car Blues Chapter 2

Slowly Slowly – Race Car Blues – Chapter 2 (Review)

As a fan of Slowly Slowly, as well as vocalist Ben Stewart’s solo project Congrats, it’s easy to sit back and marvel at the steady stream of creativity that pours from the…


Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist (Review)

Having managed to steer clear of the majority of the singles to date, I was keen to take in Architects‘ ninth album as a whole. For Those That Wish To Exist begins…

156 Silence - Irrational Pull

156/Silence – Irrational Pull (Review)

Who the fuck are 156/Silence?! I feel late to an incredible party that I should have been well aware of before now. As of a few days ago, 156/Silence are the newest signee…


Touché Amoré – Lament (Review)

In 2016, California’s post-hardcore act Touché Amoré released their critically acclaimed record Stage Four. The album’s concept was rightfully hailed as an immeasurably courageous and cathartic expression of grief from frontman Jeremy…

Bloom In Passing artwork

Bloom – In Passing (Review)

The world of Bloom formed most noticeably around the loss and heartache that featured in their Past Tense EP.  With In Passing (releasing on Friday), the Sydney band are again exploring loss in…

Svalbard - When I Die, Will I Get Better

Svalbard – When I Die, Will I Get Better? (Review)

With my limited travels to the sonic world of Svalbard so far,  I know that they make these full and dark pieces of music which deliver wholehearted truths and questions that are well…

Mat Kerekes - Amber Park

Mat Kerekes – Amber Park (Review)

With only a wisp of notice beforehand, Mat Kerekes released Amber Park on Friday; the follow up to his 2019 album Ruby, with Luna & the Wild Blue Everything before it in 2016.…


Inhibitor – Abhorrence (Review)

Straight up, as well as not being an expert in music genre discussion, I’m not anything close to a deathcore aficionado. Please take this as disclaimer and excuse if this review experience…