LOSER – Phase Me (New Music)

Melbourne grunge rockers LOSER are celebrating their fresh new EP with the release of a video for “Phase Me”.  This second single from the band is the first track of Restless Noise, and a great encapsulation of the sound coming from the trio of Tim Maxwell, Chris Cowburn, and Craig Selak. Created with Tori Styles in conjunction with Chris Cowburn, the layered video adds to the affectionate nostalgia leaking from “Phase Me”.

After a warm grunge guitar introduction, pre-verse vocal focus draw us into unfolding admissions that vibe like a letting go.  Plainly stated with easy-on-the-ear vocals and endearing chord progressions, LOSER are farewelling the old and shaking off what doesn’t fit them anymore.

“I don’t want to feel the pressure now”

Feelgood as well as honest, the single is another nudge to check out LOSER for the uninitiated. Sweetly melodic brightness at the bridge and coupled with sunny imagery, “Phase Me” is a determined rock-tastic call for better times to come. What else can we say?

Check out the “Phase Me” music video via YouTube. You can also find LOSER on select east coast tour dates: http://ozgig.guide/

Band photo courtesy of Tori Styles.

Kel Burch

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