Vermont – Adored (New Music)

Moody Melbourne based alt rockers Vermont, have dropped a melancholic new song titled “Adored”. Having this as my first encounter with Vermont I was thoroughly impressed. Their ability to express emotion through their music is sublime, and the instilling sense of pain that they captured through this song had me immediately linking the song to everyone I knew, saying “you need to hear this!”. “Adored” was produced by Christopher Vernon, and Vermont are Joshua Swanwick (vocals), Jono Hnatejko (guitar), Ryan Hyde (bass), and Curtly Lyon (drums).

Expressing emptiness and telling the aforementioned story of pain, “Adored” opens up with slow weepy guitar. Aching vocals join the ensemble, lending to the atmosphere of overwhelming burden that the guitar and bass have laid the foundations for. Misery filled vocals lead into a powerful chorus after lyrically reminiscing of better days. Drums kick in, and the impassioned intense vocals sing of the bleeding uncertainty and loneliness that occurs through a broken relationship.

“Your company stands for nothing, even when you’re there I’m alone.”

The closing verses filled with ringing echoing guitars and vocals reflect the peak of the suffering, as nights apart from her begin to weigh. Trapped underneath a ton of mental anguish, producing a smile seems like an impossibility. Thinking of the past, tears continue to flow, and as the final chorus rolls through it feels as if the protagonist behind the lyrics is falling, not able to grab onto any sort of closure and stuck in limbo, their struggle seems like it will never end.

The music video aligns with the song perfectly, and follows a man after he appears to have a falling out with his partner. Walking along the footpath, he appears to be lost, and without purpose he continues to walk aimlessly. Other band members play in front of bleak dark backdrops of sky, matching the tone of the music itself.

Clearly suffering and struggling, in a room full of friends he continues to feel alone. Eventually giving up on that, he isolates himself away in his room. Both looking at old photos of them together, the man and the woman both smile as they think of the good times, and both of them realise how much they are already missing out on. Swallowing their pride, they go to each other and embrace. As the song ends the video suggests what the song doesn’t, that there was indeed closure, and perhaps even reconciliation.

The music video for “Adored” was directed by Nathaniel Smith, and can be viewed below:


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