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Bad/Love – DMU (New Music)

Bad/Love have revealed more of themselves with the release of “DMU”.  The single follows on the heels of the Melbourne band’s debut EP SIOIS, and seems to already be an expansion into…

The Ghost Inside

UNIFY Gathering 2020: Review & Photos

Also known as ‘heavy music Christmas’, UNIFY Gathering brings people together from all over Australia (and some from even further away!) all in the name of damn good music. This year, Depth…

Unify Gathering 2020 logo Depth

Unify Gathering 2020: The Lowdown

As 2019 comes toward its end, that means that we’re ever closer to Unify Gathering 2020! The heavy music camping festival is a bit like ‘heavy music Christmas’ for us, something we…

Badlove SIOIS

Bad/Love – SIOIS (Review)

Four-man talent frenzy Bad/Love are back only days out from their latest single release “Nowhere Else Like Home”. The Melbourne emo supergroup are debuting the rest of their hard efforts in the…

Bad Love

Bad/Love – Nowhere Else Like Home (New Music)

If you had blinked and missed it, I wouldn’t blame you. The emo supergroup, Bad/Love have come out of nowhere these past few months and made a pretty impressive entrance. Standing tall…

Bad Love

Bad/Love – The World In Colour (New Music)

Sometime between me picking lint out of my belly button and the bender that took place thereafter – a glow emanates from my phone, “Lachlan Monty invited you to like Bad/Love.” Needless…