Bad/Love – Feel Good (New Music)

Though it may be grey and raining here in Melbourne today, locals Bad/Love are bringing the sunshine of groove with their newest single, “Feel Good”.  Standing out amongst the crowd on my Release Radar playlist on Spotify, the new song does what its title suggests; it feel(s) good (hmm that worked better in my head).  The track is the third single from the band’s upcoming Life Imitates Art EP, which drops on 9th April. There’s a bit to unpack here, which I’ll happily do right now – while playing the track on repeat, of course.

The sound of hand claps initially caught me off guard with “Feel Good”‘s beginnings, but the swift spotlight pull toward vocalist Landon Kirk’s pleading and bassist Zac Noble’s noodling was comfortingly grounding of focus. The combination of the two had my body wanting to move as Kirk continued to beam melancholic lines toward the ears of whomever is manning the controls.

The backing vocals, ‘ha!’ accents, and fluidity in how the song builds are all captivating elements to “Feel Good”. This is even before the whispered pre-chorus stirs butterflies of anxious paranoia, with companion weighty heartbeat thuds courtesy of drummer Alex Trail. By this time, I was already hooked, and the infectious chorus hadn’t even landed. It’s a song that keeps delivering with every turn along the way, including the harmonious start to the second verse, matching the lyrics’ ethereal/otherworldly/morbid sentiment.

“I need an ending. I want my body consumed.”

For the most part, Kirk and his telling of this story held centre stage of “Feel Good” for me, with the rest of the band seeming to meld into a seamless unbreakable pedestal that allows for his disintegration to unfold. But each part peeks forth just enough that it’s attention grabbing for a moment, highlighting the individual skill on board with Bad/Love. For a girl who adores bass, Noble’s efforts on the track are *delectable*, and Trail impressively sets the scene at every turn like he’s not even trying that hard.

And just when you’re settled in nicely in this confessional groove feast and heard all you’d expect to hear, guitarist Lachlan Monty goes ham at the bridge with monstrous, moreish riffage. It all sets up for a holy and theatrical finish with the last chorus, seeing Kirk hit a peak and the whole song wrap up for an “Oh my god I need to hear that again” aftertaste.

“Feel Good” pulled this writer out of a creative slumber and has me stoked to watch the continued progression of Bad/Love. The track adds to a strong trio of singles and has the band sounding better with each release. Imagine kicking goals like this so early in 2021! The single inspires high curiosity for Life Imitates Art and you can stalk Bad/Love socials for more about that as it comes.

Listen to “Feel Good” now:

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