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Thy Art Is Murder Human Target

Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target (Review)

Though my personal familiarity with Thy Art Is Murder is limited, a request for me to review upcoming album Human Target sparked interest due to the calibre of its singles. The quintet…

Gravemind Conduit artwork

Gravemind – Conduit (Review)

Having already dove deep into the lyrical themes of Gravemind‘s Conduit in my interview with vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons, I was keen to review it ‘by feel’; let the music itself speak more than…

Altona And This Is Why We Are Alone artwork

Altona – …And This Is Why We Are Alone (Review)

Altona has delivered their first full-length release entitled …And This Is Why We Are Alone. With a recognisable use of classic melodic hardcore components, Altona puts forth their emotional and musical endeavours…

The Beautiful Monument I'm The Reaper artwork

The Beautiful Monument – I’m the Reaper (Review)

Beyond being just a collection of music, I’m the Reaper serves as an open diary for The Beautiful Monument. The ten tracks have listeners privy to the trials, questions, and dreams of…

As Cities Burn Scream Through The Walls

As Cities Burn – Scream Through The Walls (Review)

It was the release of the single “Chains” which introduced me to Louisiana based As Cities Burn. I learned then that they had resurfaced after a ten year hiatus, and returned to…

John Floreani Sin artwork

John Floreani – Sin (Review)

My first exposure to John Floreani‘s approach to songwriting was via the Trophy Eyes song “Chlorine”. I was on a train at the time, enjoying the song and its easy sing-along line of…

Diamond Construct Album Artwork

Diamond Construct – Diamond Construct (Review)

I felt like I’m coming in relatively blind to Diamond Construct. I’d only really spent time with their singles “Submerged” and “Night Terrors”, as well as seeing the Taree based band rip…


Eat Your Heart Out – Florescence (Review)

By any measurement, it’s been a busy couple of years for Newcastle’s Eat Your Heart Out. Following the release of 2017’s Mind Games the five-piece have toured extensively, including an American tour…

Mat Kerekes Ruby

Mat Kerekes – Ruby (Review)

I stared up at the moon for a little while and wondered if maybe you were looking too, Mat Kerekes sings in album opener and title track “Ruby”. Despite the warm and…


Sleep Talk – Everything In Colour (Review)

Sleep Talk got our attention in 2017 with the release of “New Tradition”. The single’s impressiveness landed the Adelaide based band on our list of ’10 Releases We’re Anticipating in 2018′, keenly…