Our Highlights: January 2018

January is not only the start of a fresh year, it’s also Depth Magazine’s birthday month! We wanted to recap the start of our second year as an alternative and heavy music zine, by sharing the articles you’ve loved most and the moments we loved too.

Unify Gathering 2018

Being at the camping heavy music festival Unify Gathering this month was surreal, wet, and incredible. Myself and Rowan Donohue respectively reviewed and photographed as many sets as we could, aiming for our coverage to be a genuine snapshot of our experience over the three days. Our Unify Gathering article is not only one of our favourite articles to date, but is also one of YOUR favourites, and is our most read article in January.

Read it again: http://www.depthmag.com/unify-gathering-2018/

Hellions – Opera Oblivia

We prepped for Unify Gathering by listening to bands involved in the heavy music festival. This lead to an in depth review of the breathtakingly inspirational Opera Oblivia album. The album isn’t new, but ‘meeting’ it and reviewing it was a highlight, and another of our most read articles. It was also a highligh seeing the band in the flesh at Unify.

Read it again: http://www.depthmag.com/hellions-opera-oblivia/

Stick To Your Guns & Being As An Ocean Show

Still on a high from Unify Gathering, Rowan and I were at The Corner Hotel the night after Unify came to a close to see the Cast Down, Hindsight, Being As An Ocean and Stick To Your Guns show. The air was electric and the connection was amazing at this show, in particular through the Being As An Ocean set. This is a show I’ll remember for a long time.

Read it again: http://www.depthmag.com/styg-baao-2018/

Interviewing Landon Tewers of The Plot In You

Creating for a music zine is a solid blend of hard work and love for music but sometimes it feels very ‘pinch me’. One ‘pinch me’ moment this month was receiving one of my 2018 highly anticipated albums in my inbox: The Plot In You’s Dispose, and then speaking with vocalist Landon Tewers himself on the phone the following day. Connecting with ridiculously creative people is something I’m very grateful for, and writing the interview with Landon was my favourite interview to date.

Read it again: http://www.depthmag.com/plot-landon-interview/

Premiere Of Releases for Grave Places and A Gentlemen’s Agreement

It’s been very cool to have the privilege of premiering new releases from two up and coming heavy Australian bands already this year. Getting to announce new music to the world is something special.

A Gentlemen’s Agreement – http://www.depthmag.com/gentlemens-agreement-truths-secrets/
Grave Places – http://www.depthmag.com/grave-places-xxxx-bummer/


We’ve kicked off 2018 with three reviews already, and more coming. We caught To Hell With Paradise‘s strong debut in Subconscious, and Cane Hill‘s curious and engaging sophomore full length Too Far Gone, but Stuck Out‘s You Won’t Come Home has been an absolute highlight as far as reviews go.

A day later this EP feels the same way that an artful and emotional movie feels like, leaving you affected as well as wanting everyone to watch it.

Our track-by-track review can at least tide people over until it releases on 9th Feb: http://www.depthmag.com/stuck-out-you-wont-come-home/

New Music Galore

Lastly to mention in January is the (delicious) influx of new music that I’m trying to keep up with. I combined some hand-picked heavies, as well as sharing more individual tracks that need to be heard; including God Complex, Savage Hands and BAILER. People who take the time to check out new music are my favourite kind of people.

New Music That Goes Hard: Jan 2018 Edition


Heading into February, the vibe is high for Depth Mag! We’re planning to head to shows in February, including The Maine and Waterparks, Alpha Wolf, and COIN. We intend to share our review of Endless HeightsVicious Pleasure and The Plot In You‘s Dispose, and more. We also have multiple interviews brewing behind the scenes.

It’s a good time to get behind our fast growing zine, and we’re grateful for those that back us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by checking out our content and sharing what they love with friends.

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Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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