Savage Hands – RED (New Music)

Maryland based Savage Hands are the newest to be welcomed to the SharpTone Records roster. The quintet of Mike Garrow, Justin Hein, Ryan Evans, Nathan O’Brien, and Jonny Melton have come out of nowhere, but seem to have solid musical roots in previous band When Cities Sleep, which formed in 2012.

Regardless of their history, Savage Hands are hitting 2018 with one hell of a fresh start. With SharpTone’s backing they’ve released their debut single “RED”, and have an album on the way.  Barely Alive is available 2nd March.

 As far as debut tracks go, “RED” is huge, and has Savage Hands direct dark and focused attention upon one they are repulsed by. With controlled aggression, and the clarity of hindsight, they celebrate someone toxic not being in their life anymore.

“Every villain needs a victim
It’s just not me this fucking time”

Beautiful clean vocals belie the pained remembering of all that was given to the other; with so much sunk into this relationship that went sour. The colour red; in lighting, paint, blood and more, expresses the fire behind how much they despise the other.

It’s from the bridge where the reins of emotional control break and aggression takes over, with screams and breakdowns a satisfying snapshot of how much fury is behind what’s being shared. “RED” is high energy from beginning to end and is an impressively strong debut.

Check out “RED” with its music video below. If you love it, you can pre-order the album right here:

Band image credit: Brian Kirks


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