Premiere: A Gentlemen’s Agreement – Truths And Secrets

Droplets of blood on white plastic set the scene of A Gentlemen’s Agreement‘s new music video. The Sydney trio of Luke Little (vocals and bass), Josh Stone (guitar) and Reece Little (drums) are following up their 2013 A Well Dressed Pig EP in a gruesome and intense way.

We find ourselves in a shed, location unknown, where a menacing figure commences torture, rendering us powerless to their knife-wielding authority. While hard to look at at times, there’s a message the band are sharing with this horror scene.

Vocalist Luke shares that he wrote “Truths and Secrets” five years ago, while watching friends and colleagues ‘digging their own social grave’. He simultaneously found himself in a very bad place mentally at the time, finding it difficult to get out of a dark spiral.

“I know the venom made you sick”

With his experience, he learned that beyond powerful forces of put-downs destroying people and relationships were secrets to be discovered, leading to important truths.

In the alternative metal band’s new video, we see with this metaphor of torture exactly whose hand is behind the agony, and perhaps also learn how to break free. Before we blindly pursue an enemy we know nothing about, maybe we can look beyond the aggression and see the ‘mere mortal’.

“Truths and Secrets” hammers the message home; fast paced and confrontational. Ominous escalating sound takes us to a powerful climax and ending. As Luke shares, “We’re our own worst enemy”.

We’re proud to premiere A Gentlemen’s Agreement’s new video below. You can also find the guys on tour very soon! Follow the band’s Facebook page for dates when they’re released:


Kel Burch

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