BAILER – Feel It More (New Music)

In the lead-up to the release of their self-titled EP, metal/hardcore quartet BAILER have released another solid single. The Cork, Ireland band are following up “Long Gone” with “Feel It More”.

This track is impressively tight; entwining distorted and relentless riffs with sharp maneuvers of rhythm as the track progresses. The unpredictable nature of the track echoes the chaotic overwhelm BAILER are sharing vocally.

“I feel it more than I ever did before. Changing pace with every hour.”

In their own words about “Feel It More”, BAILER shared that they wrote the track “at a time where it was really easy for us to see everything for what it was and really feel it. Those moments can be rare these days.”

Lyrically and rhythmically drawn in from the beginning, we’re there in each moment in “Feel It More” as BAILER observe themselves, watching what happens within. Steadily through the chaos, they’re direct and to the point, while what they feel moves through them. Taking the metaphor of the ocean, they bring this experience even more to life, making for an intense and heart-cracking track. As a piece of music, this is incredible and repeat plays are essential.

Check out “Feel It More” via YouTube or Spotify below. BAILER’s Self-titled EP is out 9th Feb 2018 and you can pre-order right here:



Kel Burch

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