Void Of Vision: “Kill All My Friends” Launch @ Stay Gold, Melbourne

If you missed it, Void Of Vision recently released their first single since the release of Disturbia. “Kill All My Friends” tells a dark tale of blind ambition; of permanently burning bridges and selling one’s soul in the name of getting ahead and succeeding. In honour of the release of the vicious single, we headed to Stay Gold on the Australia Day public holiday eve to celebrate.

Weighbridge were the openers, and this very stacked line-up gig was their first show ever! You might recognise the name, as we checked out the band’s debut single “Use” late last year. I enjoyed the band’s post hardcore vibes from the word go, and a sweaty Stay Gold band room felt improved by the tones filling it, having me wish these songs were already released!

Weighbridge’s vocalist Sean Ross drew my attention the most: His emotionally fraught and earnest singing was held supported by strong instrumentation and interesting rhythms and song structures. I also thoroughly enjoyed the bass tone, and an overall sense from this band of having something to say and doing it well.

Our very own new writer Alec Wilson joined Weighbridge for a feature on You Me At Six‘s “Bite My Tongue”, really adding a raw intensity to the sound so far, and feeling easy for the now-full band room to enjoy. Weighbridge ended with “Use”, and though hearing the track live was an enjoyable epic journey, I’m looking forward to the band’s other songs when ready for release, as they felt stronger than “Use”.

Most of us decided to head outside between bands for the fresh air. Stay Gold really needs to do something about their air conditioning, because this situation got progressively worse as the night went on. While they had several large fans going in the band room, pushing around hot air didn’t help much at all.

We were back inside for The Gloom In The Corner though, who started their set feeling huge and intense with an unreleased track. Our ears were met with grinding riffs from this band who fully own the mythology of their music with fieriness. There was moshing regardless of newness though, and this carried on into well-loved tracks “Rodent” and “Brother”. Wild but effortless in their stage presence, Gloom were nailing it, despite vocalist Mikey Arthur saying that he was sick with bronchitis. And then the microphone died.

It didn’t dampen The Gloom In The Corner’s mood though, with guitarist Matt Stevens staring out into the crowd and bassist Paul Musolino going nuts and pulling off a wide-eyed stance of aggression as the set rolled on. Hot and hectic, a crazy pit threw the band’s energy right back at them. In sharing another new (thunderously heavy) song, we might be able to assume that new Gloom is very close now (?). The noisy and impactful “Villain” beside “Witch Hunt” became a deliciously massive finish for the set.

If I’ve not already made it clear, it was ridiculously fucking hot in the Stay Gold band room. Regardless, Thornhill started big with “Parasite” and it was very quickly a good time. “Limbo” saw vocalist Jacob Charlton carve through the thick humidity with vocal peaks, as well as hit us all with some extra growls.  “Temperer” gave us all a good excuse to simmer it down a bit; swaying and losing ourselves in a misty atmosphere punctuated by mammoth beats, which broadened into a rocktastic landscape.

Though you know we love Butterfly (shout out to our EP Of The Year 2018!!), I was pleasantly surprised just how much “Sunflower” went off in terms of crowd reaction. As well as sparking a lot of movement, the track worked perfectly in the heat, with a vibe of connecting and then losing yourself. The more active punters could then take a breather with the melodic and darkly dreamy “Joy”. As Thornhill shared at Unify, they have new track “Coven” on the way, and they shared it with us at Stay Gold too. I’m dying to hear this when released!

It would not have surprised me if the instruments started to melt or warp, but Thornhill powered on through to the end. Punters were fully into “Reptile”, and kept energy high with “Lavender” to finish, with Jack Bergin lending his voice. It seems like circle pits are now the default for this song, whether in the paddocks of Tarwin Lower or a band room in Brunswick!

The “Kill All My Friends” celebration was in high gear from the beginning, with the powerhouse of song itself opening Void Of Vision’s set. Strong and driving, frontman Jack leapt around the stage, nailing his screams and adding hype to a hectic pit. It seemed like no one was standing still and Jack was inviting us all into the experience with him.

Sharing tracks from Disturbia, we either joined in with our voices or bodies, including a circle pit. “You Will Bring Me Down” had us wave our arms in sync, and “Grey Area” offered a huge opportunity for everyone to lose their shit in the Stay Gold sauna. Jack’s impossibly high energy on stage inspired us to try and keep up, especially in the sizeable breakdowns. We got the nod of approval, with Jack saying “That’s fucking sick. Thank you!”.

As the set continued, Jack did his best to spark some fire in us when it would be easier to be lethargic. We did our best to not pass out or drown in pools of our own sweat, while still loving the set. There were stage dives aplenty during “Ghost in the Machine”, as well as many many voices joining in with their favourites.

Gifting us an encore, the last song “Sunrise” was a flavour of Void Of Vision that I haven’t spent much time with. The track from Children of Chrome was more searching and emotional than the punchiness we know and love of Disturbia. Thornhill’s Jacob Charlton returned the guest vocal favour, joining in on harmonies.

I left Stay Gold grateful for the fresh air, but also with my heart full from yet another great gig in this scene that I adore. While the dim lighting in Stay Gold made it tough for Albert’s attempt at capturing the night with photos, he shot this video of Void Of Vision in action!


[All photos courtesy of Albert Lamontagne]
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