Void Of Vision – Kill All My Friends (New Music)

When I spoke with Void Of Vision‘s frontman Jack Bergin in the lead-up to Halloween Hysteria, fear and honesty were key points of our chat. And part of that honesty related to lyrics, with Jack sharing that while he initially found it daunting to ‘unfold to the world’, he began to find it comforting and cathartic to be lyrically honest. It doesn’t get more honest than fully embracing the destructive effects of blind ambition, and unleashing a single called “Kill All My Friends” is as raw as you can get.

The driving and savage single released today is the first new release since the Melbourne band’s awe-inspiring Disturbia EP (2017). Relentless in its detailing of questionable sacrifices made and punishing experiences, it takes on a vibe of frustration combined with darkness. Sonically the momentum and droning track takes on the presence of a full blown machine of destruction; blind to whatever is in its path. How bad do you want something? Enough to burn all your bridges and ignore your inner voice of morality?

“I’ve always played for keeps, but never kept my soul”

Jack shares that “Kill All My Friends” is about the industry that he and Void Of Vision operate within; directing his honesty toward those who’d sacrifice everything and anything for their upward climb.  He says “We live in a dog eat dog world, instinctually measuring ourselves against each other to vie for status. Behind the scenes, creatives will throw away all values to do whatever it takes to not view themselves as a failure by their own metric. The industry can be extremely ugly under skin.”

In the track’s cinematic music video (crafted by Crystal Arrow Films), we see close friendship bonds unravel and be brazenly destroyed, sparked by obsession and jealousy. It’s a visual representation of the lengths that one would go to (and the morals they’d hand over in the process) in order to get what they want. It’s a viciously honest step into the perspective of the ruthlessly ambitious, who’ve left their genuine nature behind them for the sake of winning.

The video scores bonus points for the fact that it contains breakdowns shot in one of my favourite places in the word – the stunning Dandenongs – as well as the Costco carpark.

Might we get to see this one at Good Things Festival next week? Learn the words anyway:


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