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Melbourne metalcore/nu metal band The Gloom In The Corner uniquely craft music and fiction as one ongoing creative thread. The fictional story crafted by Mikey Arthur is captured within the band’s music, and has most recently received further attention in a dramatised video from the band as well as a new music video.

The band’s most recent release Homecoming was a sonic chapter centring around character Ethan Hardy’s return from Afghanistan and him dealing with PTSD and life around him (as beautifully captured in “War”). Ethan has also chosen the mission of breaking his brother (Jay) free from the clutches of a dark entity referred to as ‘Gloom’, that has been in place since his girlfriend was killed.

On The Gloom In The Corner Facebook page, the band shared a video interview with Ethan. This seems to recap the entangled story and also ties in to the focus upon Ethan’s mission to awaken his brother, by retrieving his girlfriend from another realm of existence.

'A Ticket of Blood'The Story of Homecoming WITCH//HUNT6.02.18 6PM

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The Gloom In The Corner then followed this with the music video for “Witch Hunt” from Homecoming, which also sharing more of the story.

In “Witch Hunt”, The Gloom In The Corner spit vitriol toward those that would destroy love. The track seems to be an expression of personal hatred as well as tying in with the story, with Ethan’s hatred toward authority figures who’ve led to his brother being in a ‘Gloom state’. The same authority are also responsible for the death of his partner.

Ethan’s rage is so great he is willing to pay the ultimate price, to take his own life to ‘travel’ to another realm of existence (as in heaven or hell), in order to retrieve his brother’s girlfriend, and have him recover out of the Gloom state. With a feature by Justin Johnson of Gift Giver, “Witch Hunt” hits as hard as you’d expect, and is oppressively aggressive in sound and lyrics.

“I don’t give a fuck if I die I already have before
This is the price of my pain
This is the price of war”

Furious and determined, “Witch Hunt” speaks like the last words of Ethan, before he takes his life, in honour of his brother. Whenever the track isn’t pummeling, it’s darkly hateful and hitting deep lows.

From the close of the video, where we see Ethan get to see his brother’s girlfriend and have a conversation, it’s an enticing moment that leads into the following chapter as the story continues to unfold.


If you are in any way intrigued by this story, or the music inspired by it, here are further links:

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