The Comfort – Your Heart (Track Of The Day, 13th September)

Our Track Of The Day today comes from Brisbane’s The Comfort, who I had the pleasure of seeing at BIGSOUND.

“Your Heart” is from the four piece’s 2016 EP Love. Liam, Dominic, Marcus and Izaac seem to be appreciators of poetry, specifically E. E. Cummings, with the creation of “Your Heart”. With keeping the sentiment of profound love alive in this song, borrowing inspiration from Cummings’ “I Carry Your Heart With Me” poem, The Comfort have brought divine and immeasurable love to the modern stage.

The Comfort’s musical prowess as a band solidly expresses a powerful desire to give everything possible (and impossible) to the one they love deeply. It’s easy to fall adrift in the dreaminess that exists in “Your Heart”, despite it also being a powerful alternative rock track.

“You’re the song I sing all day inside my head
You’re the note up high that keeps me out of breath”

The exquisite mistress of love is woven throughout the EP dedicated to ‘her’ in differing flavours, making Love a powerful collection of music.

Watch “Your Heart” music video below, or stream via Spotify. Keep up to date with The Comfort via Facebook here:

The Comfort will be joining Young Lions on their Mr Spaceman tour. More details on that HERE.


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