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Touche Amore photo credit George Clarke

Touché Amoré: An Interview with Jeremy Bolm

Thirteen years on from their formation, Los Angeles’ Touché Amoré have released their fifth studio album Lament. A hopeful declaration of moving forward, we sat down with vocalist Jeremy Bolm to discuss…


Touché Amoré – Lament (Review)

In 2016, California’s post-hardcore act Touché Amoré released their critically acclaimed record Stage Four. The album’s concept was rightfully hailed as an immeasurably courageous and cathartic expression of grief from frontman Jeremy…

Touche Amore photo credit George Clarke

Touché Amoré – I’ll Be Your Host (New Music)

Like any well-established band should, LA’s Touché Amoré have been experimenting and building upon their brand of emotionally heavy post-hardcore over the years, most noticeably heard on their last gut wrenching album…