Speakeasy – Amy Street (New Music)

Sydney rock quartet Speakeasy are back with another taste of where they’re headed musically in 2018 with their EP on its way. “Amy Street” is the second of three singles, with “Dream Boy” already gracing our ears in November.

Echoing guitar and honesty is where “Amy Street” begins, and the four piece of Matt van Herten, Jack Armstrong, Jack Schramko and Billy Puntton take us on an introspective journey inside their minds as they contemplate something they’ve gone through.

‘Close your eyes, don’t dwell on it’

Avoidance is the flavour of the track, as melodic brightness attempts to overlay a weighty experience they’d rather not think about. In forceful self-conviction, “Amy Street”‘s choruses desperately try to drill the belief into their heads that they’re better off now, even if it’s not true.

Gorgeously layered, searching and genuine, “Amy Street” is another great piece of music from Speakeasy. Watch with the music video here:


Kel Burch

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