She Cries Wolf – Cultist (New Music)

Two minutes of hatred never sounded so good. She Cries Wolf have released “Cultist” on 11th January, the first slice of new music from the Gold Coast based band since their 2016 album Doubt.

“Cultist” is an aggressive throwing of responsibility into another’s face, which is brilliantly expressed by all band members in chaotic unison. While direct statements are being expressed vocally, the sound is upfront, direct, and played straight albeit heavily. When the track lyrically refers to ‘a scrambled mess’, so too do the beats and chords become scrambled and messy. When the agitation reaches boiling point, rhythmically and vocally it spills repeatedly with unabashed hate (“You’re dead you’re dead you’re dead”) until the sense of being drained and spent drops into slower sections.

“You’re dead to me”

The random drum beats that could be seen as mistakes are surprisingly satisfying as this metaphorical stick is aggressively jammed in the spokes, in the name of derailing the destructive habits of another. The continued victimisation this person enjoys is in the spotlight, with distaste spat in the direction of the living dead.

Bottom dwelling breakdowns punch with severity while personal space is invaded. Screaming to be heard, a point of desperation is blatantly obvious, leaning toward desperate solutions.

“Cultist” is raw hate shot from a cannon toward the enemy. An unreal track, with an impactful video created by Nick Hargans. Watch:


Brisbane locals can catch She Cries Wolf at the “Cultist” launch show at Crowbar on 31st March with Initiate Jericho, Vitals, Vaela & Lifeblood. More details here:


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