Sleep Talk – Slowfade (New Music)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, melodic hardcore is the best genre of music and I’m happy to argue with anybody who says otherwise. Somehow, it just keeps getting better, and again it’s another incredible Adelaide-based band holding the torch.

Sharing the second taste of their debut album, Everything in Colour, Sleep Talk have released another brand new belter in “Slowfade” along with an accompanying music video. Like the first single released in February, “Everything in Colour”, the song is another bold, yet enjoyable break from the purely heavy foundation that the five-piece built themselves on.

Unlike the single before it which felt straight to the point and forthcoming, “Slowfade” seems to indulge in melody and instrumental, breaking up emotive and gentler verses with neck-breaking moments of pure unadulterated rocking out. While not sounding too far removed from what the band excelled at on Growing Pains, it undoubtedly feels more polished and dynamic than previous releases.

The characteristic interplay between screamed and clean vocals sounds better than ever, and despite sombre lyrics there’s an atmospheric positivity that flows through the song’s instrumentals- especially towards its ending. Musically, it feels angry and frustrated yet hopeful, with momentous outbursts of energy the standout moments of the song.

To an extent, that glimpse of hopefulness that radiates through the musicianship is just as present in the accompanying visuals. While simple in execution, it’s intriguing to say the least. The use of colour once again is consistent with previous music videos, while the aesthetic in the video mirrors that of the album.

Again, despite a gloomy context there’s an optimism to be found in the vibrancy of the video, maybe an implication of the idea that sometimes all we can do is take a long wide look and just see everything in colour.

“Slowfade” is the second single from Sleep Talk’s debut album Everything in Colour, to be released on May 3 through UNFD.

[Image courtesy of Rowan Donohue]


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