Sleep Talk – Everything In Colour (New Music)

Excuse us while we cry happy tears that Sleep Talk have released some new music. But they’ve done a heck of a lot more than that! The Adelaide based five piece have today revealed the good news that they are signing with heavy record label UNFD, AND also have an album on the way.  Everything In Colour releases on 3rd May and we cannot wait!

The freshly released title track “Everything In Colour” sees us back where we last saw the quintet in their “New Tradition” music video. Despite the confines of one room, there’s a surprising amount of vibrance and visual activity going on. There’s never a dull moment in this feelgood video, which is yet another impressive piece of creativity from Kez Ellis-Jones (Crystal Arrow Films); the creative mind behind “New Tradition” (as well as “Sorry”, “Mother”, and other visual work for the band).

In our interview with Kez last year, I asked about the significance of the sunflower appearing at the end of “New Tradition”. If you haven’t seen it, the video finishes with the band members surrounding a lone sunflower. Why? Kez at the time said “Detective Belletti [Sleep Talk’s drummer, Michael Belletti] will be on my case if I reveal too much”, and it seems now we’re seeing a bit of an ongoing theme, as sunflowers are one of the first things that appear in the new video. Where “New Tradition” ended in grey, “Everything In Colour” is literally as it says on the box; in full colour.

“Can you teach me how to love myself?”

The room and elements within it (including instruments and features of the musicians) shift in time with strong riffs and the song’s easy pace. It’s easy to fall in love with this and rewatch it again and again. Spinning and constantly changing, the track is immediately intense and attention grabbing, before it mellows into a whispered moment with vocalist Jacob Clement.

Feeling momentarily more tense with dizzying changes in perspective and vocal screams, there’s a turn toward something a little more trippy, vulnerable, and inquisitive, with the appearance of a stellar section of clean vocals (courtesy of Lewis Tito and Josh Healey).

Turning wilder and more hectic again, the (relatively short) song returns to the strong riffs and easy pace where we began, before a door is closed on the room, the band, and the song.

To say we’re keen for Everything In Colour is an understatement. The album will include “New Tradition”, as well as a track curiously titled “Sleep Talk”. More:


Everything In Colour Tracklisting:

  1. Lauritzen
  2. The Sun
  3. Slowfade
  4. Everything In Colour
  5. If I Die
  6. New Tradition
  7. Shadow
  8. Allergic To The World
  9. Sleep Talk
  10. The New Year
  11. Kill
[Sleep Talk image courtesy of Rowan Donohue @ BIGSOUND]
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