LIMBS – Abandoned (New Music)

Seems like LIMBS have been through a lot since the release of Father’s Son. Recently posted on the band’s social media, they revealed a change that had ‘been in the works for a bit’: Vocalist Chris Costanza has stepped down from his role in the band to focus on family/homelife, and the band’s longtime friend Austin McAuley has assumed the frontman role for the Tampa band.

Along with sharing the line-up change, LIMBS have released “Abandoned”; the first song with Austin at the helm, with fellow band members Daniel Nelson, Josh Kowalski, Jordan Hunter, and Tyler Martin. It seems like a bit more than the line-up has changed for the band, with Jordan sharing that “Abandoned” was written ‘differently than any song we’ve ever written before – all in a room from start to finish’.  Jordan shared that Austin’s addition to LIMBS was a direct inspiration for the collective style of creating.

“How could I give up the chance to miss
A life of love, bliss and happiness
Traded for their agony and selfishness
There’s nothing left of me to give”

If “Abandoned” is anything to go by, the changes for LIMBS are working well for them! The result is an impressive piece of music. Described by Jordan as ‘a narrative of struggling to accept one’s own flaws’, “Abandoned” is sonically searing and intense. Coupled with the music video, we get to see LIMBS fiercely in action, lit from behind, with a narrative that runs concurrently and also converges.

We follow a story thread of a young man who, along with friends, runs away from suit and tie normalcy toward something with more life pulsing through it, like fireworks and dancing. Fierce and coming at us with full force, LIMBS are living and breathing this vibrancy through their music. “Abandoned” is as catchy as it is wild, and has a surprisingly divine pocket of contemplation whose edges soon fray.

We’re loving it! What do you think? Check out “Abandoned” via YouTube:


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