Andrew Cauchi

Sydney based pop-punk enthusiast, Andrew spends every waking moment listening to music, or playing with his dog (sometimes both!). If not on the lookout for the hottest new tracks, you can usually catch him crying in his room playing old emo bangers on repeat. [Enjoyed the read? Shout Andrew's dog a new toy!]

Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan – you’ll be fine (Review)

In case becoming the internet’s number one hot new verified band wasn’t enough, putting out one of the year’s best records sounds just like what Michigan’s Hot Mulligan need on their quest…


Polaris: ‘The Death Of Me’ Tour @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Already heralded as one of Australia’s biggest bands, and undoubtedly the flag bearers for our heavy music scene moving forward, the night of February 28th always loomed as a significant one for…

Knuckle Puck

Knuckle Puck – Tune You Out (New Music)

As if they knew the deepest desires of my heart, Chicago’s Knuckle Puck have just released their first taste of new music since the release of their sophomore album Shapeshifter in 2017.…

Stuck Out

Stuck Out – Who You Are (New Music)

Is there any better way to kick start a year than with the release of brand new music? For Melbourne’s Stuck Out, I’d harbour a guess that their answer is ‘no’. As…

Whatever Forever WIAWIWTB cover

Whatever, Forever – Where I Am & Where I Want To Be

Continuing their drip feed of music, Sydney’s Whatever, Forever have today unveiled two surprise tracks in the form of a brand new EP titled Where I Am & Where I Want To…

Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts: Interview with Dylan Mattheisen

After 11 years as a band, Minnesota rockers Tiny Moving Parts have undoubtedly made a fistful of their time as a band. Following the release of the self-proclaimed family band’s eighth studio…

Northlane Sydney

Northlane: Alien World Tour @ UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you put four of the world’s most entertaining metalcore acts on the same stage in one night, then strap yourself in for this. After the…

The Maine

The Maine: You Are OK Tour @ Metro Theatre, Sydney

Taking a week off from late night shopping, fans clad in glitter and other incredible get-ups made their way to Sydney’s Metro Theatre. After the release of their seventh studio album in…

La Dispute

La Dispute: Australian Tour 2019 @ Metro Theatre, Sydney

After a five-year hiatus from visiting Australian shores, La Dispute made their second visit to Sydney in as many years to celebrate the release of their fourth studio album, Panorama. On a…