Set Before Us – Ignite (New Music)

Swedish metalcore band Set Before Us have released a new single along with news of their debut album on the way. Vitae releases 31st August via Eclipse Records, and follows on from the band’s two EPs: Voyagers (2014), and Enigmas (2016). The band consists of Niklas Edström (guitar & vocals), Erik Tropp (vocals), Hampus Andersson (bass), Jesper Nilsson (guitar), and Emanuel Borgefors (drums).

We last heard from Set Before Us with the release of “Earth Destroyer”, which shared commentary on respectful treatment of our planet and its resources. New single “Ignite” aims to inspire confidence to chase your dreams, and couples the encouraging messages with a music video set on the beautiful island nature reserve of Torö, Sweden.

“We are given a gift just once”

From its hard-hitting introduction, with Niklas Edström’s vocals aptly reflecting the flare he holds in the darkness, the track drives onward. Repeated vocals and determined guitars hit home the brief flicker of opportunity we have while alive. Set Before Us powerfully lay out the fact that time passes and the opportunity to take action on our dreams is fading.

Thudding beats and alarming riffs give a sense of urgency, adding to this wake up call of inspiration. Guitar complexity and searching vibes call for finding yourself, your purpose, and going for it.

Of the track, guitarist Jesper Nilsson shares, “we wanted to focus upon the contrasts of nature such as serenity, energy, calm, and chaos because musically and lyrically, Ignite is all of that. We hope it translates through the screen”.

Soak up the music video for “Ignite” below, directed by Liftamountain. If you like what you see, keep in touch with the band via Facebook or Twitter.


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