Set Before Us – Earth Destroyer (New Music)

Introducing Swedish metalcore band Set Before Us. In the band are Niklas Edström, Erik Tropp, Hampus Andersson, Jesper Nilsson, and Emanuel Borgefors.

While they are new to us, Set Before Us aren’t new on the scene at all, having released an EP Enigmas last year as well as Voyagers EP in 2014, and a string of singles since their formation in 2012, including “Earth Destroyer”, which we’re sharing today.

The music video (below) of “Earth Destroyer” places the members of Set Before Us in snow blanketed woods, which is fitting as they use their brutally heavy sound to point a finger at man’s tendency to take advantage of natural resources. In how we destroy and possess these gifts of the earth, instead of respecting them.

The guys of Set Before Us go hard from beginning to end. “Earth Destroyer” brings a sense of urgency via guitar franticness, relentless drum gymnastics, layered vocals, and fluid shifts from section to section through the song.

“Rise and see the sun once more”

Set Before Us are seeking to be heard as they demand we choose to respect the our planet and all natural resources, over any human agendas which may be driven by greed instead of what is truly best. The track uses metaphors of nature as it shares its message, seeming to be another attempt to connect us back to the beautiful world around us that’s worth speaking up for.

Check out “Earth Destroyer” via the music video, stream more from Set Before Us on Spotify and keep up with the latest about the band via Facebook. Both the video’s filming, editing and production, as well as the band’s image are the work of Eddie Berg of Liftamountain (as well as Imminence).


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