These Four Walls – Over & Over (New Music)

These Four Walls have been around for a while, releasing their previous albums in 2009 and 2012. They originally formed in Auckland New Zealand, before they eventually relocated to the Gold Coast in Australia. The rock/alternative four piece have recently released their new single, “Over & Over”, which is filled with soaring vocal melodies and massive instrumentals.

Vocalist Steve Gibb said on the song: Over & Over is a collection of thoughts that worm their way into my head when I snowball with self-doubt. The feeling of wanting to be like someone else. That sinking feeling when, to you, there is just no way out of a situation that clearly has an answer… it’s just blocked behind an Everest of overthinking and dread. This song is about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in those moments.

These Four Walls is completed by Gray Vickers, Brad Vickers, and Elliot Burton, whose instrumental talent is on full display with this track.

“Over & Over” grabs you from the second it starts, with the softly toned yet somehow hard hitting vocals, gelling perfectly with the instrumentals like peanut butter and jelly. The chorus is uplifting; as you feel like you are there with the band, as they help you through the tough times. The lyrics provide a very personal look at the mind of vocalist Steve. This song has you looking through his eyes at times, and full immersion into the song makes it something extra special.

“It won’t be long til we can see over the mountains ahead.
And if we fall we’ll try this over and over again.”

During the verses of “Over & Over” you feel like you are blindly wandering around in the dark. Not able to see a thing, you swing your arms uselessly and call out, hoping someone can help you. The darkness becomes overwhelming, and it starts to scare you. Beginning to shiver and shake from fear, you suddenly see a small dot of light in the distance. You sprint towards it, as you do so the music gets louder. The chorus kicks in and the light gets bigger and bigger until the darkness is completely gone. The song is about getting yourself out of a rut, and it certainly portrays this accurately in regards to imagery and the emotions it makes you feel.

These Four Walls are launching “Over & Over” on Friday, July 6, at the Woolly Mammoth in Brisbane. You can get tickets for that here:

You can check out “Over & Over” via its music video below. We’ve also included it on our Spotify playlist HERE.


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