Awake The Dreamer – Believe (New Music)

Awake The Dreamer are considered the heirs to the throne of Swedish metalcore, and are looking to claim that title with the help of their new song “Believe”. The song is taken from their yet-to-be-titled debut album, and is following up their previous release, which was a song called “Vigilant”. “Vigilant” and their previous EP’s found them touring across the UK and Europe over the last year, and has landed them several appearances at upcoming festivals across Germany, Austria, and Sweden. Awake The Dreamer are Max Andrén (vocals), Benjamin Turesson (bass/vocals), Fabian Fagerberg (drums), Oscar Järn (guitar), and Alex Backman (guitar).

“Believe” drips with inspiration and ambition. The lyrics speak of following your dreams, always striving to be better, and believing in yourself. The powerfully sung vocals pump you up more than anything, as throughout the track they continue to build you up, and fill you with positive vibes. Finding a happy song like this is actually rather rare these days, and despite the djent riffs, the guitars that rev like an engine, and the unyielding screams, the song fills you with good vibes.

“Take my hand and reach for what you’re worth.
Take to the skies and you will soar.”

What does inspiration look like to you? I listen to this song, and hear the words, and so many things pop into my head. I see flowers coming to life. I see sun rays coming through the window and lighting up a dark room. I see happiness, whether that involves achieving something that means the world to you, or the security that comes with assurance from another person. This song is something to catch you when you fall, a crutch to lean on, and a warm, djent-filled hug at the end of the day.

Instrumentally the song shreds, and it does well to do so considering the lyrics are more wholesome than a puppy wearing a coat. The drums are hectic, with the double kick patterns constantly changing the pacing of the track, and the cymbals splitting through the rest of the song like a knife through water. The guitars have that beautiful chugging sound that is rare to find, but is absolutely peachy when its there. The vocals are forceful, with the huge screeching verses, as well as the almighty sung choruses. Everything ties together perfectly, and not a single note seems out of place.

Check out “Believe” with its music video below, or on all music streaming services. We’ve also included this one on our Spotify playlist HERE.


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