Resolve – Pendulum (New Music)

Starting a fresh new year of music as a trio, Lyon based Resolve are giving us insight to their creative struggle with “Pendulum”. We last heard from Resolve with the release of “Carmela” and their Stripped Down Sessions EP.

With “Pendulum”, it’s swiftly clear that it’s business as usual for Resolve in terms of their sound and strength. We are very quickly drawn into the tension of an internal debate, created both instrumentally and vocally. The track speaks very relatably about a constant sense of time passing and not feeling as thought you’re achieving enough. As someone who is also often “overthinking about overthinking”, it’s easy to find understanding in what is being powerfully expressed by vocalist Anthony Diliberto.

While stuck in struggle, the clock ticks on, audibly presented by relentless steady rhythms even when the song is more subdued. Life doesn’t pause while we face fears or insecurities, and the sands of time continue to trickle.

“Please let me know where I belong”

For anyone in a competitive field/industry, a feeling of being stuck adds to an already existing sense of being behind or potentially missing out on opportunity. Insurmountable pressure combined with being internally frozen is a tough place to be. Affirming this situation was plaguing the band, Resolve stated on their social media “we were putting so much pressure on ourselves that this absolute passion of ours sometimes turned into constraints that shouldn’t be, especially for a band still in its infancy.”

Aspiring to make a change and break free from the frozen blackness of fear, “Pendulum” could be seen as a powerful step forward for the trio. Resolve refer to “Pendulum” as the most honest with themselves they’ve ever been, and consider it to be an important release: “Letting go of all the self-doubt that inevitably stems from giving so much of yourself to your art was a cathartic process for sure.”

Beautiful, emotive, and powerful, “Pendulum” brilliantly captures the stress of time passing and the desperation for something more. Watch the lyric video via Dreambound below:


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