Dream State – Hand in Hand (New Music)

We’re still buzzing from the ‘wow’ set that Dream State pulled off at Unify Gathering in January, so it’s great to hear something new from the Welsh quintet! “Hand In Hand” had its debut play via BBC’s Radio 1 Rock Show before releasing on 6th March.

“Hand in Hand” comes coupled with a black and blue aesthetic in imagery, seeming to reflect the subject matter of the song; feeling mentally or internally beaten down. Dedicated to listeners, the new song is offered as a response to their messages of struggle and offers a helping hand of understanding and encouragement.

From the beginning, with vocalist CJ Gilpin asking tenderly “Sweetheart are you done on the other side?”, the track oozes compassion. Blowing out into heavy intensity, it also hits hard with its sense of fight in not giving up on life. As its title captures, it’s a hand-holding in solidarity, not letting each other fall, even if we’re also struggling.

“All want to be, just want to feel loved.
I know you’re going to get better.”

Punching beats and a driven pace accompany a lyrical snapshot of someone sinking down in a difficult time. In their support via “Hand in Hand”, Dream State make it clear that each of us is fighting something, and though there’s no easy answers, we can feel unified by this. In CJ’s words “To all those who need something they can lean on, we want the music and lyrics to help you feel less alone with what you’re dealing with mentally. Despite all of us feeling the same way, we can still live our lives and make something of it. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, you just gotta give all you got!”

Sonically, “Hand in Hand” is a kickass representation of bouncing and stomping encouragement, as well as moments of dropping down into hectic overwhelm. It’s a full-bodied dive into the experience of struggle, and feels great to move through along with Dream State. Just as we witnessed at Unify, the five piece throw everything at this.

Along with the new single comes the news that Dream State are in the studio recording their debut album with Dan Weller, slated for release later in 2019. Can’t wait for that! In the meantime, here’s “Hand in Hand”:


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