Resolve – Carmela (New Music)

Poignantly presented with artwork image of a flower arrangement, Resolve are sharing their grief with their new single “Carmela”. Most recently heard from with their Stripped Back Sessions EP, the Lyon based quartet honour Carmela Diliberto with their fresh release. Vocalist Anthony Diliberto wrote the track after the passing of his grandmother.

Described by the band as ‘more than a mourning song’, “Carmela” explores the idea of the imprint that we each leave with our time on the planet, as well as what life might be like when it is we who depart. The fact that the bouquet features wilting flowers as well as alive ones seems to act like a metaphor of life and death, or perhaps the inevitable cycle.

“When I’m gone, will someone miss me as much as I miss you?”

From its swirling and intense introduction, “Carmela” carries the shock and overwhelm of loss. Gently and beautifully shared at times and aggressively fiery at others, Anthony’s voice and the instrumentation paint a full picture of grief. The chorus couples a sense of ‘survivor’s guilt’ with ache, vibing like a responsibility taken to carry on the gifts that a loved one shared with their existence.

Resolve shared that they were ‘aiming for different horizons’ with the track, and took a DIY approach as well as trying new things in the process. To me, “Carmela” is signature Resolve with its intensity and multi-layered/multi-faceted expressions. The music video offers visual nods to the TV static of the band’s Rêverie release, as well as beautiful metaphors of mortality and connection.

Watch the stunning music video below, via Dreambound on YouTube.


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