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Do you remember Maverick? They landed heavily with their debut “Longevity” in 2018, before releasing their State Of Mind EP, and most recently shared “My Brain Rage”.  Well vocalist Marty Rowney has a new musical project in the works now, and if you liked the blunt punk hardcore flavours of Maverick, you’re likely to appreciate the first offering from Recast.  As well as Marty, the band includes Liam Newman, Thomas Wood, and Thomas Hamilton.

The band name is inspired by their collective determination to reshape what exists into something new; a task which is benefited by the differences between the members of Recast. Marty says “Musically our tastes vary as much as our ages, with a full decade between the eldest and youngest member. With this disparity also comes diversity and we endeavour to amalgamate our ideas to create a unique listening experience.”

“I swear I’ll touch the sun before I die”

Marty is also keen to explore vulnerable subject matter with Recast that he’d previously avoided. He explains, “I feel heavy music comes with certain prerequisites and stigmas that are hard to get past with such intense sounds, I really want to challenge these as Recast moves forward.”

Recast’s debut single “Gravity Falls” is as raw yet driven as the previous project, with the same blunt vocals that sit somewhere between spoken and yelled. Feeling contained like a tightened grip, the song refers to a connection that has ended, that holds on to the protagonist despite him wanting to be over it.

“Gravity Falls” was chosen as the band’s debut single due to being “fast, punchy, to the point”, but curiously Marty shares that it’s not necessary a reflection of what Recast have up their sleeves. He adds “We can’t wait to unravel more of what we’ve been working on, real soon!”.

Have a listen to “Gravity Falls” via Spotify now:

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