Maverick – My Brain Rage (New Music)

Following on from where they left off with “Nothin’ To Lose”, Sydney punks Maverick have some more new music for us! “My Brain Rage” released on triple j Unearthed last month before landing on Spotify, and has already gained more than 10 thousand streams. “My Brain Rage” was produced by Maverick and mastered by Shane Edwards at Karma Studios.

If you’re unfamiliar with the band, Maverick’s sound is blunt, direct, and in your face (and ears). “My Brain Rage” is no different to this signature sound. The track opens with guitar noise that uncurls into a fat riff, with vocalist Marty Rowney comin’ at ya with “Check your head before you wind up dead”.  Though brash and strong and relatively monotone at first, a sense of urgency bubbles up in “My Brain Rage”, shining a light upon the need to win out over the fierce grip of anger.

The second verse offers a shift into something more open, where steady rhythms bleed into something bouncier, and if you were a genre-focused listener, you’d wonder if this was nu metal or rap or rock. Regardless of where you’d place it, it’s enthralling, coming across like a building ‘dance’ of anger; where an internal simmering takes over into something bigger. The sound of settling before hitting a boiling point is presented again at the bridge, where a quiet moment of observation grows from a whisper to aggression. Every member of Maverick plays their role in this, including fierce guitar work, attention grabbing beats, and gang/layered vocals.

The repeated “Rage in my brain rage in my brain rage in my brain rage” feels very relevant to the cyclic head noise that can be going on while one is doing battle within oneself. “My Brain Rage” carries determination to keep one’s cool. It’s a high energy listen, indicating Maverick have some fire in them and music still to share.

Listen to “My Brain Rage” via triple J Unearthed below. You can also catch the track live if you live in Melbourne (details here) or Sydney (details here):

Kel Burch

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