Mat Kerekes – Low (New Music)

With the release of “20**” in March and “Low” which released on Friday, Mat Kerekes‘ Amber Park era has begun. The upcoming EP lands on September 25th and is available for pre-order now. We fell in love with Ruby last year and eagerly wait to see what Amber Park brings.

“Low” continues the handcrafted, personal approach that Mat takes with his music. As well as writing, Mat is involved with recording the new track alongside Steve Warstler, not to mention the direction and editing of “Low”‘s music video. Keeping it all very close to home, the video was shot by Citizen guitarist Ryland Oehlers and even features Brendan Yates’ (Turnstile‘s Brendan Yates? Maybe?) whistling.  As I discovered when reviewing Ruby, music seems to be a labour of love that Mat keeps close.

And the music itself is imbued with this too; a quality of cosy familiarity that has you feel like you’ve known a song forever despite its newness. Specifically about “Low”, an easy flow and colourful melody is drawing from the start, pulling the listener in close while a conversation unfolds, with sparks of whimsy decorating the earnest sentiments shared.

“I told you that I won’t let you get too low”

It’s taking in the song with the music video that appeals to me most; where promises of accountability come with playful costumes and beautiful in-the-moment imagery, like the glow from a fire and the mystique of smoke.  It’s not every day you see a violinist on the floor, surrounded by balloons, and wearing a ghoulish mask, and this spark of quirkiness along with genuine care seems to be perfectly fitting of making sure someone doesn’t “get too low”.

Heartwarming and comforting in unsettled times in particular, may we each dance or creatively express ourselves with whatever quirks we see fit until the metaphorical spark goes out. Watch “Low” below and get ready for Amber Park next week.


[Mat Kerekes photo credit: Shay Stout]
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