Maverick – Longevity (New Music)

Sydney punk hardcore band Maverick have dropped a new single, as well as the news that they have an EP on the way. With single “Longevity” as taster, the five piece’s State Of Mind EP will be here next month, releasing on 16th March via Dogfight Records.

Maverick’s hard hitting tracks with reality bomb lyrics come courtesy of the band’s determination to make sense of the world and make something of themselves, despite obstacles. With “Longevity” as the latest, the band are looking at the bigger picture and seeking a pace with that that feels worth it.

“Lessen the distance
From reality to visions
Is this the right path?
Unsure of my existence”

Maverick’s voice on “Longevity” is refreshingly genuine, with a solid collective sound and a palpable mission to inspire others to ask the same questions. The music video is a hectic blend of determination, compounding obstacles and distractions, and relentless forward movement. And Maverick might just do the same with their music, forging ahead with State Of Mind.

The EP can be pre-ordered via iTunes and all good digital outlets, and physical pre-orders can be purchased at “Longevity” is available to stream now in Spotify and Apple Music.


Kel Burch

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