Mirrors – Circus (New Music)

Back in February we got to know Gippsland based metalcore band Mirrors, courtesy of the release of their EP Fools Paradise. Having been together since early 2016, Mirrors have already come a long way, including gaining a spot in the UNIFY Festival 2018.

Now Mirrors are back again with new music, with “Circus” releasing yesterday. Sonically it seems like it could be a different band, with a more expansive and polished sound and Mirrors sounding better than ever. We spoke with the band and asked about their evolution and they agreed, saying that “these new tracks we are working on are definitely a step up from our EP”. They’ve also parted ways with their drummer and have Rob Brens filling in at the moment, who is “an absolute gun.”

“Circus” features slick guitar work and a soaring sound, while they vocally express disbelief in another. Massive choruses pour out over the green landscape, while Mirrors rail against things that would have them conform and contain.

“Don’t like my ways? That’s my choice to make. Cause time is a fucking circus”

Mirrors clearly won’t be held back, and “Circus” makes that statement along with their hard work as a band.

We can’t wait to hear more from Mirrors and their album to come, which is “still in the works” according to the band, with “a lot of work left to do”. In the meantime check out “Circus” and its music video.


Kel Burch

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