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Mirrors are a metalcore four-piece from Gippsland, Victoria (Australia), including; Patrick Goodman (Vocals), Tyson Taifer (Guitar), Jake Mackin (Bass), and Daniel Balakas (Drums). Formed in mid-2016, Mirrors have already laid down tracks for their debut EP, Fools Paradise, planned for release 17th March.

We’ve had a listen to Fools Paradise and spoke with Patrick of Mirrors to get some insight about this amazing EP.

Have you really only been playing together since mid-2016?! You guys sound so good for a new-new band.

We started writing probably towards the start of 2016 it just took us a long time to get a full line up.

What connected you to play music together?

Tyson and I were both recording solo projects at the time and one day Tyson messaged Ionei (audio engineer at Zanari Records) if I would be interested to write and track vocals over one of Tyson’s songs. We were pretty stoked how it turned out so we went from there.

First UNIFY and now you guys. Is there a scene building in Gippsland for heavy music? 😉

There really isn’t much of a heavy scene in Gippsland at all. It was really exciting finding out that the Unify Gathering was going to be in our back yards. Was great to see our mates in Ocean Sleeper on the big stage this year and hopefully we can all work towards organising some decent shows in Gippsland again.

“FYA” is the first track on Fools Paradise, short for ‘Fuck Your Arrogance’. “FYA” hits heavy from the beginning, with screamed vocals aiming squarely at smirking adversaries. It’s relentless by way of drums and bass, and includes impressive drops as well as electronic effects that leave an open space for the vitriol to exist within. The track is a fluid and impressive start to an EP for this very new band.

“FYA” has a feeling of you guys speaking on behalf of many. Is this aimed at a particular part of society or someone that you’ve come across?

I guess FYA was built an overall built up frustration of dealing arrogant ego driven people on a daily basis. There really isn’t a need for it!

I’m a big fan of what you’re doing in “FYA” with guitars. It seriously feels like you’ve been doing this together for years. How do you have such a refined and cohesive sound?

TYSON: Thanks so much! I’m not sure haha. I guess I’m just never happy with a riff and I keep going over until I think it sounds right.

“Waiting” at track two features Zach Britt of (Dream On, Dreamer and Young Lions). The searching melody combined with the straight arrow screams and heavy hitting guitar and drums make the track yet another impressive one. The choruses have clean vocals and a broader melody with a quality of sound that you’d expect to hear from a stadium filling band. These guys rock. “Waiting” is done beautifully lyrically as well, referring to hopes and dreams never being lost.

You had Zach Britt join you on “Waiting”, how did that come about?

We knew we needed a feature for that chorus and felt Zach’s voice would fit the part perfectly. Tyson knows Callan Orr who is the guitarist for Dream On, Dreamer. So we messaged him and Zach was more than happy to feature.

There’s an awesome passion behind “Waiting”. What were you hoping to express in this one?

Most of us have been in a poisonous relationship that drags you through the mud at some point. I wrote “Waiting” as a bit of a reminder that you need to make the decision to let go and find yourself again when you’ve thrown everything you have into something that gives nothing back.

The combination of clean and unclean vocals (in “Waiting” and other tracks) is done brilliantly. How do you build a song together?

Usually Tyson will roughly record a song and send it straight to me. I’ll phrase and write lyrics to a point, then we both get into the studio and find the weak spots, write new sections and re-structure the song until everyone’s stoked.

And honestly, the simplicity of a single cymbal crash screams ‘cool’, same with the “Where are you? I’m still waiting” vocals. Someone might expect a new band to be pulling out all stops and overdoing everything to impress. I’m struggling to word this, so I’ll just say it – do you guys know that you’re really good?

Thank you! we really appreciate the kind words!

“Tie The Lace” is guitar heaven and was your first single from Fools Paradise. Was there any reason why you chose this one?

I think “Tie The Lace” is lyrically a perfect example of how we should be portrayed. We love the aggressive guitars and vocals and also thought this song would suit best for a music video.

“Tie The Lace” has an awesome djent guitar kind of sound to it, as well as that same sense of awesome simplicity. I could totally hear this song in a stadium. What do Mirrors aspire toward?

At this stage we plan on playing as many shows and tours as we can as well as writing EP number two!

The electronic effects/keys I’m hearing in the tracks really work well, who in your band is responsible for those?

The synth and other electronic sounds throughout our EP are usually added when we do the proper recording with Ionei. It’s something we feel suits our sound really well. It’s usually trial and error with suggestions from Tyson, myself and Ionei.

“Through The Cracks” has something really beautiful about it, this soaring melody as well as moments of stillness. It feels like a really personal song with the intensity of emotion in it. What inspired this one?

This was written about my Mum. It seemed like a good opportunity to show how much I appreciate how hard she’s worked her whole life and really did what she could for her kids despite a pretty rough run.

David Vernon of Belle Haven joins you on “Bring Me Home”. He definitely brings a whole different feel to your music. What inspired you to connect with him?

I actually started vocal lessons with David while recording the EP. I showed him our EP and he was pretty impressed. I knew he would slot perfectly in “Bring Me Home” so I asked him after a lesson and he was more than happy to. The man’s got some lungs on him!

“Bring Me Home” is such an angsty and emotionally heavy track. And it is yet another impressively awesome song. It has a feel of hitting rock bottom. What were you wanting to express in this one?

I guess this song is about a bit of a love/hate relationship. Some decisions can leave pretty negative impacts on your everyday life but I think the message in bring me home is to appreciate and get around your mates. I don’t feel there’s anything that makes you feel at home and smile like getting loose with the boys.

The ending and its breakdowns are beautiful. I could listen to that over and over. Kudos to your bassist and guitarist, not to mention the vocals. It all works together perfectly. Do you guys have a favourite on the EP?

I think for different reasons it varies throughout the band, which isn’t a bad thing.

So I saw via Facebook that you guys played your first show less than a week ago! How was it?

It was our first show and it was a solid turn out which was sick!

What is next for Mirrors?

Shows, shows and more shows! And writing for the next EP.

Was there anything else you wanted to share?

I think just a big “Thank you” to anyone who has taken the time to have a listen to our music. The response so far has been sick and we’re all really excited for whats to come!

We think you guys have an amazing sound and will go far. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!

In the meantime, check out the released single and video “Tie The Lace” below.

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