Malachi McNeill and the Necessary Evil – She (New Music)

Earlier in the year we got to know Malachi McNeill through his creative project of Statues and Stories. Since then, Malachi’s work has evolved and he’s begun a collective under the name of Malachi McNeill and the Necessary Evil. Malachi McNeill & The Necessary Evil is an alternative folk/rock band, hailing from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

With work behind the scenes on an album for this project, the first single “She” is soon to be released on 17th October, with Malachi feeling excited to share his new music with everyone.

We have had the pleasure of hearing “She” already, finding it immersive from the beginning. With echoed vocals behind Malachi’s honesty, and a warm and soaring sound, “She” feels like a tribute. It captures the electric experience of knowing a woman who has a delicate command upon the world around her, as well as upon him.

“We introduced the city to the sky it seemed that night”

The story being shared relates to the whisper of her sweetness still surrounding him after they have parted ways. He’s left breathless by her from the time they spent together, and still feels high from the experience with her. It was all so beautiful, these moments with her, as she dances in his thoughts still.

Until 17th October, stay tuned as to what Malachi McNeill and the Necessary Evil are up to via Facebook:


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