Thousand Below – Sinking Me (Track Of The Day, 9th October)

How good are Thousand Below?!

The Californian post-hardcore band have just dropped an album; The Love You Let Too Close released on 6th October via Rise Records. We have “Sinking Me” in our heads over here. It gets to be Track Of The Day for that reason.

“Sinking Me” is the first track on the album and was released as a single on June 12th, along with the music video.

Thousand Below’s sound is addictive, consistently hitting a sweet spot of YES-ness. “Sinking Me” is intense and relentless from end to end, with the energy poured into it leaving nothing held back. Listeners are challenged to just hold on for the experience. This isn’t background music!

With impressive sky-tearing clean vocals, emotion-soaked screams, bone-shaking beats, and the sexiest breakdown section I’ve heard in awhile, we’re taken on a journey by way of weathering a storm. An emotional storm and an experience of trying to find something to hold onto in a world where what they thought they had has gone.

“Show me that I can feel again
I’m sick of this loss being all I claim
Numb to the touch, burning alive
Void of a color, void of a name
I used to be so worth saving”

Thousand Below aren’t going down without a fight, and you can feel it. And despite the fight vibe that they’re expressing, the track flows beautifully from beginning to end. I’m captivated and I need to review The Love You Let Too Close SOON.

Check out “Sinking Me” with its music video below and stream the album via Spotify HERE.


Kel Burch

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