Just About Done – 1029 (New Music)

I like to think that Australia is housing the growth of some of the most promising musical acts across all manner of genres. Only proving this to be more true are Just About Done, with the Melbourne five-piece having just released the second single “1029” from their upcoming second EP, I Am Getting By, set for release on October 19th.

Pushing forward from the success of their debut EP Mindless, which saw the pop-punkers gain a healthy following in their local scene and off the back of interstate tours with The Playbook and Flicker, “1029” (pronounced ‘ten twenty-nine’) is a definite statement that this band is about to become a much more common name.

Just About Done are Samantha McGee (vocals), Jack Farnfield (guitar), Michael March (drums), Daniel Sunday (guitar) and Joe Considine (bass).

Infectious from its opening moments, the drum fill that starts the song is irresistibly catchy before erupting into a cocktail of hard-hitting bass and guitar. Channelling her inner Parker Cannon (The Story So Far), the opening vocal melodies from frontwoman McGee are compelling, her vocal flow undeniably captivating. From the outset, “1029” sounds like the band’s best work yet with the songs chorus only demonstrating this even further- the ending line “Have I wasted my time?”, dwells in ears long after its completion.

Alongside the single, the band also unveiled a music video for the song, which acts as a part two to the previously released “Strain”. With a third part set to accompany the band’s final unreleased single shortly, the video for “1029” focuses on a couple going through a hard time with McGee describing that “the lyrics portray a feeling of not even wanting to confront an issue because you are so exhausted by the situation.” With visuals that complement this, “1029” is a powerful piece, and an integral piece of the narrative that the band are presenting with their upcoming release.

Produced by, and written with the help of Chris Vernon (Better Half, Belle Haven), “1029” is a promising single from a band that is very obviously brimming with potential. Describing themselves as “Violent Soho if you throw a female singer on top”, the band borrow heavily from scene royalty, appearing strongly and occasionally overly reminiscent of the previously mentioned The Story So Far and Riot-era Paramore. The song is summed up at its two-and-a-half-minute mark, as the song builds up into an outbreak of energetic pop-punk that is overflowing with angsty attitude.

Leaving me begging for more, “1029”, alongside with the band’s upcoming EP is set to push Just About Done to all new heights within the Australian pop-punk scene, and potentially even further beyond it. The delicious combination of tasty bass chugs, incredible guitar melodies, punchy drumming and a tantalising vocal flow will leave the band’s fans undeniably content, while doing more than enough to attract plenty of new faces. Just About Done are a very promising band, and I am nowhere near done with them.

“1029” is streaming on all good services, and you can watch the music video here:


“Strain (Part One)” can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9US6Lw4alts

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