Endless Heights – Drain (Track Of The Day, 3rd November)

Earlier this week Sydney band Endless Heights shared a live version of one of their stellar tracks. Matt, Joel, Jem, Christian and Julian played “Drain” as part of the Woodriver Sessions at Woodriver Studios in NSW. A new version is a perfect excuse to have “Drain” as our Track Of The Day (again).


It’s beautifully done, with the ethereal melodic sound crashing up against the relationship dread that’s expressed in the lyrics.

“Dress my wounds, and hide your sword
Wish that I’d strike but I’m not yours
Your shadow, your shadow can’t tame me”

The guys of Endless Heights are immersed in their craft and are captivating to watch live, as we discovered when we witnessed them at BIGSOUND.

In the Woodriver session the band members are chilled and consistently hit the mark. It doesn’t get much better than watching a musician lose themselves in their music. Endless Heights are all-in, and it shows.

If you’re lucky you can still catch the band live on their You Coward tour.



Kel Burch

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