Draftday – Soap (New Music)

After releasing their debut single “Soap” in April, Darwin’s own DRAFTDAY have shared a fresh new set of visuals for the song. While the band has only just crossed my radar now, listening to the five-piece for the first time undeniably justifies the buzz that has seemingly surrounded the band since their formation.

From its outset, “Soap” feels almost ethereal in the way that the instrumentals can suck you out of your immediate existence, evoking vivid imagery before the vocals even hit. It induces images of late night drives under stars and emanates the warmth of a roaring campfire. Though I had no idea what to expect out of DRAFTDAY, any preconceived expectation that I had was seemingly thrown out of the window within the opening thirty seconds of “Soap”.

Although the song’s opening caught me off guard, it’s the addition of the vocals that really threw me off balance. There’s a charisma within them that bursts out the moment they arrive that only takes the song to a whole new level. Where the instrumental work evokes strong imagery, the vocals come full circle in creating an atmospheric piece that you can virtually bury yourself in.

“I’m sorry I lacked in sense and care”

While alternative-rock is arguably the best umbrella term for what DRAFTDAY are creating, the band doesn’t shy away from showcasing their ability to deviate from the genre. At times “Soap” seems to tip-toe the synth-pop border, introducing pop heavy elements in such an effective way that makes the song incredibly dynamic and whole sounding. Though not overtly brave or experimental in any way, there’s a subtle individuality that underlies the song.

As for the newly released music video, it’s simple in its concept but fits into the song perfectly. Washed in dim red light, the video arouses a distinctly different mood to the music but one that albeit seems to capture the spirit of the song just as expertly. As the song continues, the bathtub in the video continues to fill with soap while the ground the band performs on becomes increasingly wetter. Whatever it is causing the pain, the video implies that it’s inescapable, while the metaphor of “I’ve been pouring soap in my eyes” indicates that it is self-inflicted.

As far as debut singles go, “Soap” is one of the best that I think I’ve ever heard. It’s feel-good yet contemplative, while the contrast between the booming instrumentals and smooth vocals strikes an ambient balance between the two. Chuck this one into your rotation, or I’ll be throwing soap in your eyes.


Andrew Cauchi

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