Parkwood – Five Years (New Music)

Chasing the tail of “I’ll Be Fine”, Melbourne melodic hardcore quintet have released “Five Years”. The single is described by the band as closing off their Close To Home era, perhaps foreshadowing something distinctly different to come from the band? Time will tell. The Parkwood collective are Alec Wilson (vocals), Sam Bianco (guitars/vocals), Seb Broadhurst (guitars), Zac Ferarro (bass), and Thom Harkin (drums).

With a glance at Parkwood’s discography, it’s immediately clear that this most recently released single is a continuation of the band’s debut single “Four Years”. Anyone familiar with the beast that is grief knows that it never leaves once it has arrived. That thread is shared between the two singles, as are lyrics and thoughts.

Though “Five Years” starts sonically calm and soft, there’s subtle rumblings of the emotional storm to come and a gradual build of intensity. The shift of sound is a perfect match for casual thoughts that begin at the sidelines of the loss (friends talking about their fathers, reminding one of one’s own dad), and where staying with the thoughts leads to a sinkhole of facing the experience of loss all over again.

“You traded us away to ease the pain”

Parkwood’s shared vocals allow for solemn contemplation as well as frantic mental drowning, making for a strongly impactful piece of music that fits the internal chaos that occurs with grief (surely the worst of all possible feelings).

Though the song is less than three minutes, “Five Years” moves from subtle to raw in a flash and leaves an emotional mark long after it’s over. The song swallows the bitter pill of a loved one being relieved of their pain in death, despite the aftermath of anguish for those who remain. Though not easy to sit with, “Five Years” is important for anyone who has lost someone they love and trying to make sense of everything they feel.

Listen to “Five Years” via YouTube below or via your favourite streaming service.

Full disclosure: While Parkwood’s vocalist Alec Wilson is part of Depth Magazine’s writing team, he had no idea I was writing this and had no input or influence on this article whatsoever. Surprise, Alec!


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