Foxblood – Mess Like Me (New Music)

Following on from “Kill the Lights”, Foxblood have returned with new single “Mess Like Me”. It’s another piece of music from the band’s upcoming sophomore album Grief & Mercy Sleep, which releases on 5th of August. In conjunction with the video’s release is a cinematic music video, created by Drew Kendell.

“Mess Like Me”‘s introduction features an edited vocal melody and a soft tapping that makes me think of a ticking clock and time running out. When the whole band joins in, the song sounds full and orchestral, even without headphones. Coupled with the music video imagery of a woman finding someone she loves is unconscious, “Mess Like Me” is a heart explosion of care and concern. It’s full, dramatic, serious.

The softness of the first verse feels like reminiscing of a first meeting; connecting and being a safe place for another, and the magic of that moment. But the connection seems to not have happened, at least not smoothly, and I can’t tell if it’s something unrequited or just bad timing all around. Inadequacy is a key part of this challenging connection as well as seeming to inspire the title.

“I swear that we’ve been here
Time and time before”

As the song goes on, tension in the connection is expressed with a synthy flavour and rolling waves of rhythm. When intensity steps up, it’s a brave face, keep-the-peace, wearing of masks kind of experience, while suffering underneath. Fittingly roared by vocalist Tom Beale, the poison of doubt seeps through this bond.

It all feels pretty tragic, in the sense of things not working out. Internal storms seem to have affected this connection, which can be seen also in the music video; where one’s suffering inspires the other’s sacrifices – to their own detriment. Paths not meeting where both are alive and well is tough to take.

A highlight for me (as usual, it seems!) is bassist Anthony Syle’s voice. At the bridge and its soft turning of focus toward an impending threat, it works beautifully well to appear just before Tom sings the same with full blown impact.

Stay tuned for more from Foxblood when Grief & Mercy Sleep releases next month. Watch “Mess Like Me” via YouTube below:


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