Yours Truly: Interview With Mikaila Delgado

Mapping the trajectory of Sydney pop punk heroes Yours Truly is almost like keeping track of a shooting star. Bouncing from achievement to achievement the four piece are on a meteoric rise to fame, with a signing to label UNFD, performance at Download Festival in the UK in June and the upcoming release of their second EP Afterglow only the tip of the iceberg for the band.

We recently sat down with the band’s vocalist Mikaila Delgado for a conversation with a close friend.


Firstly, how did you pull up after last night? If I’m correct it was your first show back since the tour you did with The Faim?

No! Wait yes, I don’t know, I cant even remember. I’m trying to think of the last show we did. I think it was the tour with The Faim, but maybe I’m completely wrong.

I was trying to think about it because I didn’t wanna get it wrong either and look like a complete idiot!

Well I feel like a complete idiot because I’m just gonna have to go on our social media right now and just double check.

That’s exactly what I did, honestly. I had to fact check myself a couple times. I almost had questions about Slam Dunk Festival but realised you guys are playing Download in the UK instead.

No it’s definitely Download, and yes you were correct; our last show was with The Faim.

Well excellent, I’m glad we could settle that! So how did the first show back go for you all? Did you dust off any cobwebs?

Well yeah, I think it was a good show to do after not playing for a good month or two I think it was, maybe like a month and a half. Just because we’re going to get so busy in these next coming months, it was good we got to play at Crows Nest Hotel, it was completely different to what we usually do, but it was cool. Teddie [guitar] and Lachy [guitar] are a walking distance from there, and there were so many people that we knew it was just fun, a really fun show. We all had some drinks, it was definitely more of a loose kind of environment and we just had a lot of fun.

Very cool! And the very exciting news, it’s two weeks exactly until Afterglow comes out!

Yes it is!

Very exciting, but you guys recorded it almost a year ago now right?

Well yeah it was like a year ago we were in the studio recording this so we’ve been sitting on this EP for a whole year and now it comes out. In the whole time recording that I would’ve never thought that in a year’s time it would only just be coming out.

It’s wild though! I know I’ve been sitting around watching you guys get excited about it for a while now, even from when we’d all had a couple drinks at Teddie’s you got so excited and all you wanted to do was show me the new songs.

Oh my god I don’t remember that at all. But we’ve been sitting on it for so long and it’s almost out!

I remember the first time I got to hear it in full after just hearing little snippets was at UNIFY when you had the listening party, and since getting the review stream I haven’t stopped listening to it at all. I just can’t I love it that much.

Oh thank you, we’re all so glad.

Even as much as I still enjoy the EP, it is a huge step up from Too Late for Apologies.

[Laughs] Oh I really hope so.

Does that EP feel like a closed chapter for you guys or do you still have any attachment to that EP, or have you just gone past it now?

I think that there are certain songs off that EP that we love, and we all still love playing “Strangers” and I still really enjoy playing “When the Sky Falls Down”, but I think we’re all kinda happy to be saying goodbye to “Winter”. I guess it’s just one of those things, we played four of those songs last night at Crows Nest because we thought we should just say goodbye to the songs. We’ve been thinking maybe we could do like a one off show where we officially say goodbye to Too Late for Apologies, and say “Hey, we’ll never play these songs ever again.” I just wonder whether we could do something to send it off because you know, when Afterglow comes out and then eventually we’re going to want to put out an album we will have to say goodbye to all those songs, once we have more songs to fill up the set. For now I think we’ll keep some songs around that we have been playing like “Strangers”, but I think eventually we’ll probably stop playing them.

Well when you think about it, that EP was out in 2017, you’ve been playing those same five songs for a long time now so surely at some point you just, for lack of a better phrase, get over it.

Aw man, I wrote “When the Sky Falls Down” when I was 15, so that’s song like six years old now.

Even for some artists they get to the point where the song just doesn’t feel the same because people are in a different place to when they wrote it. Do you feel like it just doesn’t carry the same meaning anymore, compared to what it did when you were 15?

It definitely doesn’t have the same meaning it did when I was 15, but it’s almost like I connected it to some experiences I’ve gone through since then. There are certain songs that I’ve sung it on stage before and just thought “Wow!”, because it’s almost like I’ve just reconnected to a song. I hadn’t gone through nearly as many things at 15 and 16, but I’ve gone through so much in the past few years and I just didn’t understand that I would be able to connect to these songs in a different way.

Yeah I understand that. I know even with other friends, they released their first EP and after two years they just didn’t want to play those songs anymore because they know now they’re writing better music.

It’s weird when you think of it like that, because we wrote these songs and we’ve been playing them for so many years that we’re over them. But there are people who haven’t seen us before that are excited about seeing those songs.

Yeah I’ve never thought about it like that honestly. I think that’s where you get a big divide between fans and artists because fans keep expecting these songs and artists just don’t want to hear them.

Oh 100%. In a way it’s odd, you’re there to play for these people who have come to see you and if you only have so many songs you’re a bit limited. At the moment we don’t have a choice, but when we have albums out and people are still going to be telling us to play “Paralysed” and we’re going to be like “we haven’t played that since 2019!”. I think that’s different, and I’m not against playing any of our old songs ever again because that was still something that I went through and that I wrote about because I felt like that. Maybe I don’t feel like that anymore, but I don’t want to lie about or not be honest about my life experiences. Like I still went through that, and I guess some people don’t want to sing songs that they don’t connect to anymore but that was still a part of your journey.

I really like your outlook on that, I don’t think I’ve really heard anybody explain it that way before. But to break away from the old and talk about the new, Afterglow feels so vibrant and colourful and I think it makes a really strong statement about Yours Truly as a band but also about all of you as individuals as well. When you listen to it, do you still think it’s a true reflection of the band, especially considering it was recorded so long ago?

I think that Afterglow, in writing it and even just listening to it now, the boys and I just tried to write our five favourite songs. We’ve all got our own favourite bands, but we were all on the same wavelength, these were the songs that we would love. I know this might sound like I’m tooting my own horn or something like that, but if I heard these songs written by another band I would love them. Maybe I’m just being biased because we wrote them and we’re proud of them and we’re proud of what we wrote but we just tried to write something that we would listen to.

I honestly don’t understand the beef that people have with that, because if you’re writing music as an artist, then surely one measurement of whether you think it’s a good release is if you enjoy it yourself. I don’t understand why you’d write something that you wouldn’t personally enjoy.

Yeah exactly, because we really just put everything that sounded good into the EP. It wasn’t like we went into recording thinking we want something colourful or we want something energetic, we just went and wrote some songs and then we changed them again and again. I mean “Afterglow” doesn’t sound like “I Can’t Feel”, none of the songs sound the same and they all have their own little thing about them. I guess we weren’t really thinking about making it a concept and we weren’t thinking about writing these songs that all sounded the same, we kinda just wrote songs that we like. Because it’s an EP you only really have five or so songs to put your best stuff.

I was going to say, it’s so short! I think it clocked in at just over 18 minutes, but it seems like, like you just said, all the songs do something different. Despite the difference between them though, it’s still consistent throughout.

I love that! That’s totally what we want. I like that because as a fan of music I’ve never enjoyed listening to albums where I thought that every song just sounded the same. It’s not a concept EP or a concept album and we never wanted it to be either. We still wanted to people to listen to it and recognise that all the songs are different but you can still tell that they’re by the same band. I feel like Too Late for Apologies was like that also, you know all those songs are all pretty different. I feel like we can’t write a song that’s exactly like the last one. I think that’s what I kinda enjoy about our sound, and I shouldn’t read them but I do read comments on our videos but you see people saying things like “this doesn’t sounds like their old songs” but we like that they don’t all sound the same.

I’ve spoken to Teddie about similar things in the past as well, and he seems to say something similar, in that you ignored the overdone and overused aspects of pop punk especially. Instead you’ve ignored what everyone else is doing because you don’t just want to ride the coattails of other bands, you just want to carve out your own little niche.

Well yeah even with that, so many people in interviews have asked about our inspirations and we’ve copped the “who were you inspired by?” so many times. But it’s like, I don’t even know, I can’t tell you who we were inspired by when we wrote it because there wasn’t one band that we thought, yeah we want to sound like them! And we didn’t want to sound like any album in particular, we just went in and wrote.

To extend on your inspirations, you guys went in and recorded the EP with Stevie (Knight) who gets a lot of raps because he has worked on so many iconic Australian albums. What did working with him do to the EP?

He just knows what we’re trying to do and he knows how to make that into the best version of what it could be if that makes sense. He just has a really good ear, he just knows. We’ve never worked with anybody like him before, the first song we ever did with him was “High Hopes” and that was well before the rest of the EP. I remember we went in with the song and we showed it to him and he just told us he thought it was a good song but immediately had ideas to make it better. So we tried everything we asked, and by the time we were finished the song still had the same bones and it was still the same song but it was just better.

So you walked in with a bare skeleton and walked out with the rest filled in.

Yeah exactly, and it’s good to have someone like him. When we’ve written a song straight away we’re in love with it but we’d take it to him and he’d enjoy it too but he’d never have that same bias so as an outsider he’d have ways to make it better. He’d sit me down and just say “that verse, it could be better, go rewrite it!”. It’s good because we trust him, he’s done so many things in the past and he’s such a fantastic musician too, he can play everything, and he can sing too! We really just trust him and what he has to say, and if he thinks a song is good then we usually listen to him and if he thinks its shit, we usually listen to him.

That’s cool! I think that idea of trust sticks out to me as the most important thing because when you’re taking something that you want to put out into the world, you don’t want to put it into the hands of someone who you don’t trust to make it the best version of itself.

Yeah and especially a producer at that, because at the end of the day they’re not just pressing record. I think some people just believe that when you work with a producer they just sit there and press record and press buttons and then you just play and that’s it. But they have way more of a say then you think they do, it’s almost like they’re an extra member on that album.

That’s totally fair, I think. To go back to Afterglow, I have been trying to write my review for the EP for at least a week now but every time I start writing it just sucks me in and I just wanna bop. I think more than any other time, it happens in “Delusional Paradise”. Jake [Between You & Me] has a feature and it just blows me away every time. But how did that come about, who hit who up for that?

Jake and I have just spoken about it a lot. Just because we’ve been friends for a little while now and I think that we’ve always talked about featuring on each other’s songs. I just think it came to the point where we just asked ourselves “do we wanna get Jake to come and sing on this song?” We had the song and I hadn’t written a second verse on it yet so we just thought to ask him. I remember asking him and he was just like “yeah, of course I’ll do it!” He said he’d make it down to Sydney when he could so we went in and finished the song with room for him because we just wanted him to come in and do his own thing to it. He was really excited, and even across the whole EP we were sending him songs and he was listening and telling us what he thought while we were recording. Jake was really there across the whole EP. So then he came in I think a few weeks after we had finished the rest of the EP. I remember just sitting in a room with him and Stevie and we just finished the rest of the song together. Then when we recorded it, we really didn’t expect it to turn out like it did. We just thought he was going to sing a verse, but then this bridge came in and then it was just like me and him singing to each other and it just turned into something that sounded nothing like what we thought it was going to sound like and we’re really proud of that.

I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because it just hasn’t been released yet but I cannot stop listening to it. I am so in love with that song.

Thank you! I’m so glad.

For you, and to get a bit more personal, Afterglow lyrically is incredibly vulnerable at times. “Circles” is an anthem for empowerment and more or less a “fuck you” to not being taken seriously, and “I Can’t Feel” discusses your struggles with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Can you shed some light on what else the EP covers lyrically?

I guess that “Delusional Paradise” and “High Hopes” follow the same theme. For “High Hopes” we wrote this song probably around two years ago and it was at a time when we were all finishing school and had gone through a heap of changes. I think that a lot of us had lost a lot of people in our lives, and really important people too. People we were relying on disappointed us, and that song is just the self-realisation that you know we all need to take care of ourselves. I am here for me and if I want to make something work for myself I have to do it and I can’t rely on you or anyone anymore.

“Delusional Paradise” is similar. There’s people, especially growing up and going to school and being in bands, and close friends that don’t really understand what you do. You just always encounter those people who are saying all the things like “Aww, you’re still doing that music thing!”, and I just sit there and think, do you just want to sit there living your life because you don’t believe you can do anything more than what you’ve been told you can do? I started going to university because I just thought I had to go and do something that’s not related to music, because then if this doesn’t work out I can go and do something.

I remember going to uni with people that didn’t know where Bondi was, because I went to uni out in Western Sydney, and I just couldn’t help but wonder about why people were just so sheltered to life. Why don’t people want to go out and explore the world and I just remember thinking “no, I want to do this”. I ended up leaving uni and just said “no, I’m going to give this a good chance because I don’t want to regret not doing it”. I’ve never been told by my parents or my school that I can’t follow my dreams and do what I want, but there are people who almost look down on you because you’re going and following your dreams and for me I didn’t understand that. So that’s what that song is about! But also we lost some members from our band which probably fed into it a little bit too.

Yeah I was going to say! I remember the first and second time I saw you play, your lineup was so different besides you, Teddie, and Lachy.

Yeah I think we had run into each other a few times before that show, but we did have two members in the band that left more or less at the same time. One of them left and then a couple weeks or a month later the other one left too. So that was another thing that was hard for us and we were just like why!? You know, why aren’t you believing in this? I’m not saying that it’s about them but it’s just like we lost a lot of people in our lives because we were trying to follow our dreams and that’s what that song is about.

I mentioned this before, and it’s how not quite unconventional, but how different the songs on Afterglow are to the general scene tropes and to me I think that extends to all the EP packaging too. Having seen it in its entirety, it just seems so creative and original but does that again come down to you all wanting to do something outside what’s normal?

What we wanted, and especially with the artwork, was something that we thought made sense for the EP and something that made sense for its sound. We got Georgia [Moloney] to do it because we all loved the art that she did and we had this idea of having this fire or flames, because we always wanted to call it Afterglow. She came back with the candles and the flowers and things like that and it just felt like to us, that it just made so much sense with the EP. If you listen to it and look at the artwork it all makes sense. We had no idea what it was going to look like when we asked her to do it and we had seen her do art for people before but I guess we just didn’t know what she was going to come up with. Honestly, it was totally opposite to what we thought we were gonna get, but she just sent it to us and we really liked it. It wasn’t that we wanted to do anything different, we just didn’t want to just do something basic. For our last artwork we did we just found an image online and we paid for it and used it. This time we wanted to put some more thought into it and we wanted something that was more meaningful.

That’s so great! I’m excited to see how people react when they get their physical copies in the mail and they can open it up and have a look at it. It just feels so complete, from the songs to the artwork all of it is consistent and on the same page. Everything feels to follow the same concept and vision you know? It’s not like a jigsaw puzzle where there’s just little bits of this and that.

We definitely didn’t think of having everything perfect to match but honestly, it’s just our baby and with how long we’ve been working on it we just wanted it to be a really special release. At the time we didn’t know it was going to come out on UNFD, so we just really spent our time on it all. Like I said we recorded it a year ago so we just got the chance to sit down and make sure that we’re proud of it. We found that everything we had done beforehand had been rushed and we really didn’t want to rush this. We wanted to take our time and have something that we were proud of and have something that looked nice and sounded good. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’d like to think that the boys are also and we just wanted something to show that this is us and this was our EP. This is probably going to be the last EP we release, at least for a while, so we just wanted to go for it, because after this it’s going to be different, this will be the last time that we’re going to get to do something by ourselves.

If I can try to rip your heart out a little bit, what’s your favourite song on Afterglow. Extra points if you can rank them.

Awwww, I don’t know if I could rank them. I love them all for different reasons. I think that maybe my favourite is… I think that maybe because “High Hopes” has been out for so long that it’s kinda like I just don’t think of that song anymore. “Circles” has been out for so long but I love it, but I feel like the song that I haven’t given attention to that I still really love is “Afterglow”. I just feel like with that song I’m just so excited for people to hear it. I definitely know that doesn’t answer your question but I love them all for different reasons. The most fun song to write was “I Can’t Feel”, I remember the boys and I wrote that song in one night and then ended up going to the casino afterwards, so that was a great night!

Oh god, I don’t think I even want to think about what happened.

Look, Teddie just spent a lot of money.

Yeah, sounds about right I think.

But back to the songs, they all have certain things about them and certain reasons why each song is a favourite of mine. My favourite song to write was “I Can’t Feel”, my favourite song to listen to is probably “Afterglow”, my favourite song to perform is “Circles” you know? They’re all different for different reasons, they’re all my favourite for different reasons.

No I totally get that, it’s like asking someone to choose their favourite child.

What’s your favourite though?

I think it comes down to what you said before, where everything is a favourite for a different reason. I think I have to go back to what I said before though and say “Delusional Paradise”. I feel so naughty when I go and listen to it on the review stream just because I want to hear it not even because I’m going to be writing the review. I can’t just go onto Spotify and listen to it like the other singles, so it feels so satisfying every time I get to listen to it because I sit there like “Haha! I get to hear this and everybody else has to wait!” I think when I first heard the EP though, I honestly think that “I Can’t Feel” was the one that got me.

Yeah? Everyone who’s heard it just has different favourites which is so cool. My dad’s favourite, and he absolutely loves it is “I Can’t Feel”. That’s my dad’s FAVOURITE song, and even we finished the EP dad was just like “so when are you releasing it because that’s the best song?” I told him we were putting out “Circles” first and he just said “No, no, no, “I Can’t Feel” first”.

Sounds like you’ve found yourself a new manager.

Oh yeah for sure. But everybody just has a different favourite song, even all of us have different favourites too. I know “Delusional Paradise” is Teddie’s favourite, I couldn’t tell you what Lachy’s is because we never really know what he thinks about anything.

Okay, well that’s about everything I have on Afterglow. So to move away from that, Yours Truly started off the year in probably the best way possible with a UNIFY performance. How did it feel to walk onto the stage, as early as you did, and still see so many people there to watch your set?

To be honest with you, I felt like absolute shit, I was so sick. The day before I don’t know what had happened but I woke up and I just spewed in the bathroom and I just felt so ill. I remember staying out for a few hours and watching people and I was just trying to enjoy my day, but as the day went on and it got hotter I just felt like death. I just tried to rest and I went to sleep really early because I knew that I’d have to be up early. I knew if I was going to be sick again, I needed to get it out in the morning. So I woke up early, got ready and just had the realisation of “Well shit, we’re playing UNIFY today, that’s normal.”

It was so cool to stand there and watch the set. Nobody could not have told that you were sick or not feeling the best whatsoever. You could see everyone around were all really getting into it like “hell yeah this is fucking sick!”

We were just so excited to be there and in the moment. I got on stage and I remember the moment “I Can’t Feel” started I just said to myself “Alright it’s time to switch on”. I remember playing and I just wish that I could do it again and I wish that I could’ve just experienced it again. You know when you’re just like wishing you could do something again because you feel like you could do it better. I feel like that every time I get off stage I just tell myself I could have been better.

I think that’s the best attitude to have honestly. You’re always striving to push yourself to something better. You’re still admitting that you did well but then never coming to the conclusion that that’s as good as you need to be. You just want to get better and it’s what keeps people coming back.

I don’t think there’s been a time where we walked off stage and said “Yep that was perfect”. We’ve always thought about what we could do better, and I think it was definitely like that for UNIFY too. We thought about maybe we shouldn’t have gone out the night before or the first night we got there, maybe we should’ve just chilled a little bit. But I think we were all so excited to be at UNIFY and all our friends were at UNIFY too, it was just a big friends fest. And then we all had to just get on stage all of a sudden at like 10 in the morning! I remember on the Sunday we did an acoustic set and Teddie and Lachy were both just SO hungover and they both got on stage with their hats and their sunglasses and I was just looking at them like “you guys are fucking idiots.”

Well now you’re going on tour in a couple months, with THE BEST band in the world in Hellions. This would be your biggest tour yet, you excited?

I am very excited to go on tour with Hellions. I’ve seen them play a few times now and I think it’d be really cool to get to see them play on every date of the tour. It’ll be a lot of fun, and we have UsFest soon and then after that we’ve really got to sit down and get the new songs perfect because by the time we tour with Hellions the EP will be out. I’m excited to play all the songs of the EP, especially after people would have had enough time to sit on the EP and hopefully learn some of the words.

And you mentioned UsFest which is coming up soon! Who are you most excited to see?

Aww, I’m so excited to see literally everyone, it’s such a good lineup! Obviously I’m excited to see Between You & Me again because we’ve seen them play so many times but it’s always so good. I’m excited to see The Dead Love again, but I’m really just excited to see every single band with a non-male member at the festival. I’m excited to be able to play a festival where it’s equal like that and I’m just ready to support everyone. I’m ready to be there, I’m ready to watch them all, I just want to support everyone. Just the fact that with every band that is playing the festival, they’re all happy to be a part of something like this.

Your attitude towards that reminds of a night at AM//PM where you had a few drinks and I think you had asked Georgia to do the artwork for Afterglow that night, and all you could talk about was just supporting women in the scene.

Oh my god, I was just going to say that. Like here I go again with my big female empowerment speech, UUUUGH. I think it’s part of the reason why we wanted her to do the artwork as well. We love Georgia regardless of who she is, we wanted her to do the artwork because of what we knew she was capable of. I want to be able to say that Georgia created our EP artwork, Brooke [Harley] took all of our promo images that we used, one of our booking agents, Vienna, she’s also a woman working her ass off in the scene. We have a really nice group of women around us and I feel very happy about it. It’s nice to have these women works towards something, and I like that I don’t have band mates that are just like “Hey, how about we just bring a dude on the tour?” It’s not like that at all, nobody thinks like that in our band. Brooke is our friend and we want to take Brooke on tour to shoot for us, Georgia is our friend and we want her to do all of this too.

It’s honestly lovely to see how positive and affirmative you always are about things like this. It’s also lovely to see that Yours Truly is just like a big ball of momentum right now. You’re jetting off to the UK in June for Download Festival, and I know a lot of people in bands always say they could never expect to be doing what they’re doing, but in any kind of reality did you ever think that maybe this would be something you’d be doing?

It’s something that I’ve always dreamed of. I remember I used to get all the magazines you know, all the alternative music magazines sent to my house. I had a big poster wall and live shots of bands plastered all over my walls. I remember just thinking “I want to do that! I want to play Warped Tour and I want to play all these cool things!” Now I think that the fact that I’m seeing our band name on tour posters and festival posters, it’s starting to get a bit almost overwhelming sometimes. This is something that I dreamed of doing for so long and even though I’m not there yet it’s getting so much closer. I get to be in one of those bands that get to do those things. I guess to go over to the UK and to play Download is like.. it’s Download, you know!! I keep saying it’s a bit surreal but it’s just huge and I just never thought, as much as I wanted it, that I was just a girl from Sydney, I don’t have a band. It’s kind of just like the law of attraction I guess, I thought about it for so long and I’m finally getting the chance to have it.

Well I know, and a lot of other people also know how much you all deserve it. It seems like though, for the most part, the ball has really picked up speed since you signed to UNFD. I know it’s still early days, but how’s that been for you?

They are so good honestly. They just have all the same ideas that we have and at the same time they believe in our message and they believe in our ideas. It’s like this is the artwork you want to have? Cool! This is the single you want to release? Cool! This is the music video you want to do? Cool! It’s never “We think you should do this”, it’s always “What do you guys want to do, how can we help you do it?”. We’re very lucky and we’re very happy that we get to work with them and they’re all lovely people too. It’s nice that they’re only a state away so that we get to see them when we’re in Melbourne or when they’re in Sydney. They’re really awesome and they’ve done so much for us already.

I feel like you hear so many horror stories about labels so it’s nice to hear it from you that it’s been a completely positive process to this point and it was the best choice for the band too

Yeah it definitely was the best option for us because I guess if you want to move forward in your career it’s the next move. It’s kinda scary because you go from just being in a band with your friends to it almost being like a business, which honestly, I don’t love the concept of it being super serious. I just want to have fun with my best friends but at the end of the day if you’re going to be going overseas and things like that then you have to have people looking out for you.

Yeah of course, it’s great to hear not only as a friend but as a fan too. I guess speaking a little bit more about festivals, you get most, if not all artists dreaming and wishing of playing the festival circuit, but which ones are you hoping to get the opportunity to play?

I think to be able to say you’ve played Reading and Leeds would be mental. I guess that we shall see what the US equivalent of the Warped Tour would be, but to do able to do that would be insane. Just to be able to go all around America would be amazing.

Yeah that’d be really cool, and I am very sure it’ll happen soon for you! There’s something you mentioned to me once, it was just this idea of the ‘Yours Truly’ family and how important it is for you. I saw from last night’s Crowie show that video of Bags, or Cody Stebbings for everyone who won’t know who Bags is, hopping up on stage and singing “Delusional Paradise” with you. That melted my heart completely and it was adorable, but how important for you is it for the community around Yours Truly to feel like a family? And for that family to extend to not only your friends but to all your fans too.

I guess at the end of the day we don’t think of Yours Truly just being the four of us, and we don’t want it to just be the four of us either! We’re just the ones that perform on stage and we appreciate our friends that are supporting us and the people that are there for us. Anyone that’s ever been our side is part of the family. It was hard to break through, and we haven’t quite fully broken through either, in this scene, especially being so young. So just to have people believe in you is… I’m trying to think of the word for it but I can’t explain this. We came through at a time when there were already so many bands, and you support bands for so long and I feel like it’s nice to have a community that support the support bands. I don’t know if that makes any sense but that’s how it feels to me.

No, no that makes complete sense! The way I’ve always seen it is that even though you don’t really want to view these things as a competition, you’re in constant competition with the other bands around you to make the most noise. For better or worse, the loudest people are the ones that get the attention and you have a community around you that is fortunately, making the most noise.

We’re very lucky with everyone that we’ve gotten to meet and everyone that we’ve gotten to work with and everyone that we’re friends with. I wouldn’t trade anyone in our lives, it’s just so positive. I said this in an interview a little while ago when someone asked me “What’s it like being a woman in music?”. Sometimes you know, it can be hard but I have the best people in my life and I don’t feel anything less than anybody else.

Well I think that is lovely, and probably the most heartwarming and wholesome way to end this interview because that is everything that I have for you. Thank you so much for having a chat, and I will see you at UsFest!

No, thank YOU! See you then!

Andrew Cauchi

Sydney based pop-punk enthusiast, Andrew spends every waking moment listening to music, or playing with his dog (sometimes both!). If not on the lookout for the hottest new tracks, you can usually catch him crying in his room playing old emo bangers on repeat. [Enjoyed the read? Shout Andrew's dog a new toy!]

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