Knocked Loose – Mistakes Like Fractures

If there’s anything better than a brand-new single from Knocked Loose, one of those things might just be the three-track that the Kentucky outfit have just dropped. While lightning fast in run time, Mistakes Like Fractures is anything but short in stature, including a fresh song, a cover, and a re-recorded classic.

I just want to kick this off by saying that yes, I am sitting awake at 12am writing this review and I would’ve felt silly if the singles didn’t upload to Spotify at the rollover of the new day, but here we are. And yes, I am VERY excited to listen to new material from the band because after stumbling across the band’s 2014 EP Pop Culture and falling in love with 2016’s Laugh Tracks, I don’t think this band could do any wrong.

Now it might be hard to believe, but the title track and new single “Mistakes Like Fractures” might just be the most intense thing that the band have done. It feels faster and more ferocious, yet more technical and diverse than any previous work, holding enough differentiation to not just be considered a Laugh Tracks B-Side while not diverging too heavily to alienate fans who might have jumped on board in recent years.

Almost like clockwork, the band follow up the new with the old presenting their own take on The WarriorsSlings and Arrows. In all honesty, the cover doesn’t really offer anything new but nonetheless it still sounds fantastic. It’s obvious to see just how much The Warriors have influenced Knocked Loose, and it’s great to see the band pay homage to those who very clearly paved the way for them.

Like all good things, the three-track comes to a close with a re-recorded version of “All My Friends”, taken from the band’s 2014 EP Pop Culture. From the outset, it feels like Knocked Loose have just applied a fresh coat of paint to the song, giving it a more defined production that still manages to maintain the grit and tenacity of the original. What sticks out is the new version is over a minute shorter than the original, with the band having removed the almost-minute-long breakdown that used to end the song.

Considering we only got to hear one new song from the band, there’s not an awful lot more to take away from the Mistakes Like Fractures three-track. It’s just enjoyable hardcore from a band who clearly know what they’re doing and their rocket-like trajectory to popularity worldwide is a testament of that.

Everything sounds heavier, and despite the refined sound and production that defined Laugh Tracks still being present, there’s a roughness and edge to the song that is wilfully reminiscent of the band’s earlier material. Beyond that, it’s the incredible blend of hardcore, punk, metal and countless other heavy genres that the band do so well that make Knocked Loose such an electrifying band.

Despite a minimal run time, there’s more than enough to enjoy on Mistakes Like Fractures, and consequently, a lot to be excited for when the hardcore punks release their sophomore LP later this year.


Andrew Cauchi

Sydney based pop-punk enthusiast, Andrew spends every waking moment listening to music, or playing with his dog (sometimes both!). If not on the lookout for the hottest new tracks, you can usually catch him crying in his room playing old emo bangers on repeat. [Enjoyed the read? Shout Andrew's dog a new toy!]

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